How To Keep Mouse Cord From Dragging or Tangling? [Smart Tips]

To keep the mouse cord from dragging or tangling you can use a mouse bungee, cord clip, adjust your desk setup, or use a wireless mouse.

A mouse bungee is a device that holds your mouse cord in place, preventing it from dragging or tangling. It consists of a base and an adjustable arm that holds the cord in a fixed position.

A cord clip is a small clip that attaches to your desk and holds your mouse cord in place, preventing it from dragging or tangling. It is a simple and cheap solution that works well.

Additionally, you can run the cable through one or both of the handles and clip it to a monitor, desk, or any comfortable holding device.

Can a wireless mouse eliminate the problem of cord tangling?

A wireless mouse can be a convenient alternative for people who are bothered by the difficulties of managing a tangled mouse cable. 

It gets rid of the necessity for a long and entangled USB cord, which can be a big help for travelers who need to pack their mouse in a bag. 

Wireless mice are also less susceptible to problems that can arise with a mouse cable, such as exposed wires or damaged cable jackets. 

Moreover, going wireless can aid in decluttering cords around a desk or workspace. 

Although a few game developers are hesitant to use wireless mice, it is mainly a matter of individual choice.

How to keep the mouse cord from tangling without using cable ties?

Keeping the mouse cord from tangling can be a hassle, but it doesn’t always have to involve using cable ties. 

There are other ways to keep cords organized and tidy. 

One way is to clean up all the cables and route them together to avoid tangling. 

It’s essential to measure how much cable can effectively be used without causing issues and then wrap the excess. 

Cable hooks are also an effective way to keep cables from tangling and out of one another. 

A rubber bone can be created by drilling a hole at both ends and cutting it roughly a quarter of an inch thick. 

This way, the cord can be looped around the bone and kept from tangling. 

Grouping up cables with velcro or plastic ties before hiding them away in a raceway or sleeve is another way to keep them nice and neat without the cable tie fuss. 

Organizing messy cables in an orderly manner with a mouse wire holder is also an excellent way to keep the cords from tangling beyond control.

Do braided mouse cords have less chance of tangling compared to rubber cords?

Braided mouse cords are more durable, less prone to tangling, and more aesthetically pleasing than rubber cords.

However, braided mouse cords can also snag on soft mouse pads, scrape on hard mouse pads, accumulate dirt and skin cells, and add weight and stiffness to the mouse’s movement.

Rubber mouse cords are lighter, smoother, and easier to clean than braided cords.

However, rubber mouse cords can also stick to surfaces, kink, and curl over time, and look bland and cheap.

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