The 10 Best Custom PC Builder Websites of 2024

You may not need to detail all the benefits of assembling a custom gaming PC. What’s important is that you can customize your PC to your liking, while choosing exactly the parts you need to maximize performance and profitability. However, all of the physical assembly tasks of a PC can be very onerous for some people. It may just be that you are not confident in your ability to handle expensive components that take time. If you’re one of those people, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve compiled a list of the top companies that make users’ PCs to order. An overview of these companies is also included in this guide. So, without further ado, the best custom PC makers of 2021 are here.

Building a custom personal computer can be very nerve-racking, especially for newbies. Fortunately, there is help available on the Internet. If you want to generate ideas for your next outfit, here are the best custom PC builder websites that can help you navigate all the mess. Are you planning to find the best User PC Builder website to help you build your PC and troubleshoot compatibility issues? There are many websites built on PCs on the Internet, but not all websites are completely reliable when it comes to checking PC parts for compatibility.

Building your PC is not difficult, but building a PC without using the PC Builder tool takes a lot of effort and time, and can be problematic in the future as details are often missing. How badly do you use this tool to improve your PC equipment? I also make PCs, and although I am familiar with this area, I like to use my PC’s construction site to construct buildings because we humans can miss details that tools cannot miss. Save us the trouble of building a PC. With thousands of PC parts to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. This article describes some of the PC manufacturers’ websites that have been created to help you choose your dream PC.

How to Choose the Best User PC Builder


Of course, not all of us drive Ferraris, so your PC rackets are on a budget as well. Be prepared to pay extra if you need the best, depending on the type of components your gaming machine needs, like a water cooling system to keep your base gaming processors in arctic temperatures. As always, these people have to pay rent, etc., so the price of the building goes up and they’re willing to pay a little more for a custom PC.

Warranty issues

Pay special attention to the warranty conditions, because we are talking about expensive equipment and exotic parts. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, people are concerned about this problem. The main thing is to find the offer of an extended warranty. If an extended warranty package is available, the long-term does it because it’s worth a $ 3,000 beer spill, for example, in case something unexpected happens. drilling rig.

Custom options

It might sound wordy, but the possibilities for use are great due to the great freedom you have when customizing your PC. Some companies limit themselves to components, others offer all 9 codes. Everything from the paint on the chassis to the hardware components is customizable.

Customer service

Yes, room service is just as important as customer service. Since you don’t want to spend two hours on the phone or chatting with an incompetent drone if you have a serious problem, I only recommend companies that have a “health list” for it. By the way, if you want to tinker without a third party, here are some free tips. In other words, it’s a website that can help you build your PC.

  • PC parts selector
  • Logical growth

With all of that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the best custom PC makers after a short break from work.

10 Best Custom PC Builder Websites

1. Cyber ​​PowerPC (Suitable for beginners)

cyber power pc
Image from Cyber ​​PowerPC

Expertise: Games, Laptops, Content creation

Cost: 700-6000 USD

Features: virtual reality, 4K HD water cooling overclocking

Range: United States, Canada

Guarantee: 3 years works, 1-year parts

Cyber ​​PowerPC is known for its wide choice of components, which makes it one of the most expensive user PCs. Here you can make a basic gaming wallpaper for as little as $ 769. The site also offers financing options through Affirm. There are also custom gaming rigs designed for the more hardcore gamers. Cyber ​​PowerPC offers a range of services from professional cable management to properly designed water cooling solutions.

The site also offers custom build tools for PCs and laptops that allow you to categorize components according to your budget. You can enter the game you want to play or your preferred settings. Then Cyber ​​PowerPC produces PC parts that meet FPS, resolution, and other settings you set earlier. However, if you want your items ordered online to be shipped faster, you can sign up for Amazon Prime or pay for expedited shipping.

Cyber ​​PowerPC is one of the oldest companies listed here, founded in 1998, and headquartered in the City of Industry, California. The experience speaks for itself here. Check out their website and you will see why they are still so popular in their market segment.

Cyber ​​PowerPC sells a wide range of gaming PCs, from mid-range esports PCs to giant gaming consoles for enthusiasts. Like most other companies of this type, their definition configurator is ideal for those new to or new to PCs, and they offer a wide variety of components for your PC. When it comes to safety, Cyber ​​PowerPC offers a 3-year warranty on PC and a 1-year warranty on parts.


  • The integrated PC can be purchased from Amazon.
  • Easy financing options are available through Affirm.
  • Many customization options are available.
  • Lifetime technical support.


  • Shipping of the user’s PC version is very slow.

2. iBuyPower (Suitable for Experienced Gamers)

Image from iBuyPower

Expertise: laptops, media, games

Cost: 800-10,000 USD

Features: Overclocking, Virtual Reality, 4K HD Water Cooling

Range: United States, Canada

Guarantee: 3 years works, 1-year parts

iBuyPower is a custom PC builder for experienced gamers. The company offers a variety of components that can confuse junior PC makers founded in 1999. However, it can be a haven for those who have done their research and have experience building PCs. As for the price, iBuyPower is in the Goldilocks area and the gaming system is under $ 1,000. We also offer services like basic water cooling cable management, custom parts overclocking, etc.

The iBuyPower website also has an EasyBuilder tool that simplifies the PC building process. You can choose AMD or Intel as the current processor. Here are some builds: You can customize settings with filters like price, storage, special visual memory features, and more. iBuyPower offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on most purchases. However, iBuyPower does not bear any costs or shipping costs. In addition, some products are subject to a 15% purchase fee.

Today, iBuyPower is one of the most popular services in this category, selling a variety of desktops and computers gaming laptops. Most importantly, they also sell several branded gaming accessories, which are highly regarded in the esports world. The website’s EasyBuilder tool guides the knowledgeable user through the process and provides a narrow selection of the best PCs based on the buyer’s ideas.

Of course, we have a wide range of customization options, so that potential customers can change the interior structure or choose other accessories they need. iBP offers a standard 3-year warranty on PC and a 1-year parts warranty for all PCs. However, customers can purchase a 4 or 5 years extended working warranty and a 2 or 3-year parts warranty respectively.


  • The Easy PC Builder tool is one of the best PC building tools and you can build your PC in no time.
  • There are also various inexpensive built-in PCs listed on Amazon for purchase.
  • Easy financing and monthly payment options.
  • Easily get overtime or parts warranties.


  • Their EasyPC Builder is more complex than any other PCBuilder website.

3. Digital Storm (For Foreign Customers)

digital storm
Image from Digital Storm

Expertise: workstations, laptops, games

Cost: $ 1,000 – $ 3,000

Features: 4K HD, overclock, virtual reality, water cooling

Distribution: International

Guarantee: 3 years works, 1-year parts

If you’re not in the US, try DigitalStorm Custom PC. Founded in 2002, it is one of the few user PC companies to ship internationally, selling workstations, laptops, and desktops for business and gaming purposes. Digital Storm also has some of the cheapest gaming PCs on their list. For example, the Lynx Mid Tower starts at $ 1,000 and includes two dedicated GPUs. Need help paying? Offers financial options, monthly repayments.

The PC warranty period can be extended to 6 years and the parts warranty period to 4 years. Digital Storm is known for its complex setups and innovative water-cooling setups. However, the PC maker’s inventory is not as large as that of its other competitors. Their website also offers substandard building tools with limited options. Digital Storm, is another experienced and trusted company that specializes in manufacturing gaming PCs, workstations, and laptops. The company currently offers a choice of Lynx, Lumos, Velox, Aventum, and Bolt 5 gaming PC brands. The first three intermediate towers, the Aventam Ultra Tower Vault, contained a small custom case.

If you choose one of the five brands above, you can customize the internal structure by choosing from several predefined configurations. As expected, the customization options depend on the choice of case. General warranties for business PCs are typically a 3-year PC warranty and a 1-year parts warranty, but you can purchase a 4/2 or 5/3 extended PC warranty. years and a parts warranty.


  • Design
  • Rich custom curls
  • 3-year labor warranty from the start
  • Workstations designed for different use cases


  • steep price
  • There are many components from famous brands, even in high-end configurations.

4. Xidax (Maximum Warranty Period)

Image fom Xidax

Expertise: servers, workstations, laptops, games

Cost: $ 800 to $ 15.00

Features: Virtual Reality, Overclocked 4K HD Water Cooling

Distribution: International

Guarantee: Lifetime Guarantee

The difference between Xidax and its competitors is the lifetime warranty on the work and parts of the PC system. However, there are a few exceptions with shorter warranties, such as AMD graphics cards and liquid cooling components. Xidax will generally replace defective parts free of charge. If any part of the PC is damaged, it can be repaired in exchange for store credit. Xidax offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, which requires a 20% purchase fee.

The company also offers some of the cheapest base gaming desktops and is known for its high-quality custom PC designs that focus on component matching. The Xidax online catalog is also featured frequently and lists the most powerful X-10 models of the most powerful X-2. But unlike those custom PC builders iBuyPower and Cyber ​​PowerPC in Utah. Other services provided by Xidax include engraving, RGB lighting, processor removal (suppression), and faster delivery times. There is also a monthly payment option. Continuing with the following custom PC builders, Xidax Systems is a website for custom PC builders based in Utah and has a great track record.

Xidax’s parent company has been selling user computers for over 20 years, Xidax is its online subsidiary. Xidax has a factory in southern Jordan, Utah, where they have all the components and PC specialists. Here they build and test your PC and send it to you once everything is verified. This site allows you to create laptops and workstations for desktop gaming. Desktop computers start at around $ 800-900 and can go up to US $ 5,000 and can meet the needs of most people. The good thing is that, depending on your needs, Xidax allows you to pay in cryptocurrencies.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Limited by a selection of high-quality components
  • solid base price


  • High price if you need a powerful PC

5. BLD of NZXT (Best User)

Image from NZXT

Expertise: PC, content creation, media

Cost: $ 700 to $ 4.00

Features: Virtual Reality, Overclocked 4K HD Water Cooling

Range: United States, Canada

Guarantee: 2 years works, 1-year parts

Compared to the other best custom build sites on our list, BLD is relatively new. The brand is a subsidiary of NZXT, a popular manufacturer of peripherals and computer hardware. It also offers one of the most comprehensive PC customization settings that beginners and experienced PC makers will immediately understand. Unlike most PC manufacturers, where the version is preconfigured, BLD gives you complete freedom to build your device. By taking a series of step-by-step surveys on their website, you can build a PC that meets your personal needs and tastes.

You can pick the top games you plan to play within a budget and other settings, and choose the optimal components for your device. After entering all the filters, we will give you some recommended versions. Users can continue to configure their devices by adding peripherals like RGB lighting, cooling, color matching, etc. BLD can ship your device promptly within 48 hours of placing your order. However, the company also charges a flat shipping and assembly fee of $ 350. Compared to all of the other established companies listed here, BLD looks very new to the competitive landscape but is a subsidiary of the bigger and better-known name NZXT. NZXT was founded in 2004 and has come a long way in recent years, but it is well known for its computer cases and cooling solutions.

BLD provides a PC building process that is great for beginners. We first grouped PCs into four categories: startup, streaming, and H1 mini-creators, and plotted the expected gaming performance of each setup. This PC is pre-built with a few small customization options. Then there is the option “Build your own”. It is also suitable for beginners and will help you choose the right components for the game you are playing. All BLDPCs are manufactured at a flat rate of $ 99, and each PC is shipped to the buyer within 48 hours of ordering. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, but you can purchase an extended warranty if needed.


  • The transport speed is faster than others.
  • Better quality and support.
  • Same-day delivery options are also available for an additional $ 200.


  • There are no built-in PCs.

6. Origin

Image from Origin

Origin, also known as OriginPC. As expected, EA’s Origin platform is 4 years old, so it has nothing to do with EA’s Origin platform. Origin PC currently sells off-the-shelf gaming laptops and proprietary cooling solutions and accessories. Origin sells four base gaming PCs and has plenty of customizations to suit buyers’ tastes.

The four PCs (Chronos, Neuron, Millenium, and Genesis) have small, mid-tower, full-tower, and large-tower frames, respectively. Now you can tailor the components to your liking, as well as the exterior and interior design to your liking – the exterior shell is customizable with a variety of colors, patterns, and lighting. Origin offers a 1-3 year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • A 30-day money-back guarantee and free lifetime technical support are included.
  • Delivery is available worldwide.
  • Easy financing options.


  • Not very economical.

7. AVA Direct

AVA Direct
Image from AVA Direct

Then move on to another established company that had been around since 2000. AVADirect offers a wide range of pre-made PCs that can be customized to suit your taste and budget. You can choose installments for up to 36 months. Like many other user PC building sites (as we’ve seen so far), AVADirect has useful tools depending on the game you’re playing, your budget, your preferred chassis geometry, and, finally, your favorite CPU and GPU frequencies. bandaged. AVADirect offers a 1 year or 3-year limited warranty for the entire system, a 1-year limited warranty for barebone systems, and a lifetime PC warranty for custom products.


  • Lots of customization options
  • fair price
  • Wide choice of servers, workstations and other non-gaming computers
  • The company also sells individual components


  • Maybe too much for inexperienced users
  • The choice of screens is impressive

8. Main Gear

Main Gear
Image from Main Gear

The following company had been in existence for almost 20 years at this time but was deeply influenced by the automotive industry. MainGear focuses on gaming desktops and laptops and some gaming accessories. We offer several brands of PC such as Vybe, R1, Turbo, Rush, F131, etc. They all come with several hardware presets that you can customize for your RGB hardware and lighting. All of these can be paid in a lump sum or installments of 3 to 24 months. When it comes to security, Maingear offers its PCs a 30-day money-back guarantee. The standard warranty period is one year, and customers can purchase a three-year extended warranty.


  • Awesome custom buckle construction
  • stable price


  • Choosing the wrong motherboard
  • only 1-year warranty

9. North West Falcon

North West Falcon
Image from North West Falcon

Here are the oldest companies on this list. Falcon Northwest has been around since 1992 and is one of the pioneers of PC gaming. Their first product was a high-performance PC called MachV running MS-DOS. Of course, the company has made significant progress since then. Currently, your desktop computer can be divided into 3 types: FragBox, Tiki, and Talon. The most obvious difference is the form factor. The FragBoxPC is housed in a compact case, the Tiki has a sleek mini-tower, the Talon is an ordinary and most versatile mid-tower.

These are all highly customizable inside and out, including painting, custom UV printing, RGB lighting and more. The only real downside Falcon Northwest has chosen is that PCs start at $ 2,000 apiece, which is very expensive. But with this kind of elite service, this could be one of the best companies in this category. Of course, if you can afford it, you should make one of your top picks.


  • Excellent technical assistance.
  • Highly optimized gear.
  • Most parts are guaranteed for up to 3 years.


  • There is no option to finance the construction.

10. Puget system

pubget system
Image from Puget system

Finally, there is Puget Systems. It might not be as flashy as most of the other companies listed here, but it’s just as reliable. Their website isn’t the most upscale and least attractive (if at all, it looks outdated in 2021), but it’s fully functional and portable. It is the most important. You will immediately notice that the business is not entirely gaming-focused. Instead, it is primarily aimed at professionals, so it provides a set of desktops that users can easily refer to based on the software they are using. ‘they use on their PC.

The company currently offers a total of eight PC brands. As always, the difference is in the motherboard form factor and chipset and they all use clean, simple shells. Of course, these can all be defined to varying degrees. Puget Systems offers a one-year warranty on its products, but customers can usually purchase an extended warranty for two or three years depending on their needs. Lifetime Service and technical support are included for all.


  • Lifetime labor and technical assistance
  • Choose from several personalized workstations
  • Recommendations can be obtained from many different workflows
  • Limited but high-quality component selection


  • 1-year basic warranty
  • steep price


Here are some of the best online PC builder websites. Alienware, AVADirect, Maingear, Falcon Northwest, and Velocity, to name a few, and many more. Even if you choose the best PC construction site, you can rest assured that the drilling rig you are purchasing is a high-quality production system with reasonable parts.

With the help of the various best custom PC builder websites available in our article, we hope you can find the best PC builder for your purchase. Remember to cross-reference the computer you want to buy into another tool, as compatibility issues may arise. You might not see any tools with compatibility issues, but others can be found. If you are having trouble building your PC, or have a question about a specific PC part you are using, you can post your question here. I am a computer enthusiast and help you create your gadgets.

FAQs on Custom PC Build Websites

  1. What number of parts will you use to begin the PC building measure?

    We suggest that you start with the CPU as it decides the decision of most parts. The requirements of your motherboard, RAM, and design card all rely upon which processor you pick. That is the reason Intel and AMD processors are the first and most significant stages during the time spent making a PC to look over.

  2. What are the measurements? What is the distinction between E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX?

    While thinking about the size of a vehicle, you can think about its outside measurements. Similarly, as with little, medium, and huge vehicles, the size of the mainboard is something very similar. Little or little PCs utilize Micro or Mini-ITX motherboards, medium setups use ATX-sized motherboards, and lastly, standard size designs utilize the E-ATX structure factor.

  3. What size PC do you have to assemble?

    While picking the size of your PC, focus on the accompanying focuses: Small PCs have restrictions on the parts they can utilize, and given their size, they can be hard to construct. ATX or average size PCs are the most well-known forms and deal with the best similarity alternatives. It’s likewise probably the most straightforward pc to gather. To wrap things up, it offers a larger number of choices and components than the E-ATX, yet the size of a PC can occupy the startling room. It is normally the most costly development choice.

  4. Is it awesome to alter a PC developer’s site instead of building your PC?

    Since PC makers’ sites purchase parts and different parts discounts, the parts are modest. Rather than building a similar PC yourself, you can set aside cash by utilizing an extraordinary custom PC building site. Thus, they are most certainly worth investigating.

  5. What are probably the best PC Builder clients’ sites?

    This decision is eventually an individual decision. We suggest that you think about all of the client PC developer destinations on this rundown to choose which one addresses your issues and tastes.

  6. Do I need to purchase a maintenance agreement?

    On the off chance that your typical guarantee covers 1 year, you can say that you needn’t bother with a service agreement. In case of a processing plant disappointment of any of the parts, it is nearly ensured that it will occur in the primary year (if not right away).

  7. The amount of RAM would you say you are purchasing?

    The measure of RAM your PC needs relies upon where your PC is going. You will require somewhere around 8 GB of RAM, however, in case you are just utilizing your PC for basic, regular assignments like perusing the web, you may just need 4 GB., 16 GB is the base framework prerequisite, and in case you are real-time and altering recordings, 32 GB is suggested.

  8. Is it hard to assemble a PC?

    Considering it has viable parts, it’s not as troublesome as completing a PC building Lego set and assembling the furnishings. Stages like YouTube have numerous incredible aids accessible web-based that walk you through the method involved with building a PC. Joining a PC people group like Newegg Discord is additionally extraordinary.

  9. What devices do I have to construct a PC?

    No. A Phillips screwdriver 2 will ideally suggest utilizing your screwdriver. In case you are expanding on a floor covering or in a space inclined to friction-based electricity, it is suggested that you utilize an ESD wrist tie. It is additionally a smart thought to take warm glue and isopropyl liquor. At last, link ties or Velcro strips help deal with your links.

  10. Do you offer PC building units?

    Right now, no PC building unit is given. This device is intended to allow you to tweak your PC by utilizing the parts as a whole.

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