Govee Gaming Light Strip G1: The Ultimate Review (2023)

If you want to take your gaming experience to a new level, then we present you with Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1. It is an LED strip with the latest RGBIC light strip having a denser configuration of bulbs when compared with the previous one.

Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 continuously captures the changing imagery in the games and movies and accordingly acts as a refractive lighting effect. It is also able to respond to the changes quickly. If required, you can also sync with any other brand’s light to enhance your viewing experience.

Let’s get to the depth and understand why the Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 is worth buying in 2023.

Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 – Specification

Light group gaming light comes in two versions and is designed for monitors – from 24 to 26 inches and from 27 to 34 inches. The price is also quite reasonable and you get an expensive refractive lighting kit.

  • Type – Strip
  • Integrations – Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Razer Chroma
  • Protocol – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Music Reactive – Yes
  • Voltage – 12 volts
  • Wattage- 18 watts

What’s in the box?

The Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 light comes in a small box, which is neatly packed. Inside the box you will get:

  • Govee’s Gaming LED Light Strip
  • Power adapter
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Control box 
  • User manual 
  • Cable clips with double-sided tapes

Technical details

Through the Govee Home app, you can choose either a single solid color or any scene from 123 presets. You can also choose animation patterns or create custom effects. When you choose the music mode, the Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 light will react to surrounding music either from the GI system or from a smartphone. It will also sync with other Goee lights through the Dream View feature. 

The software allows you to make necessary changes and program the lights based on the gaming content or any movie. If you go through the Device List tab, you will find Light Strip G1 and other Govee lights that are compatible with the software. You can also modify the device settings if you do not find the Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 light through the Govee Home Mobile app.

Also, check whether the LAN Control is activated to recognize any installed Govee lights. You must remember that while you are using the Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 light it should be connected to the same local network as your PC or desktop.

You also get a Group Control List section, where basic adjustments for brightness and saturation can be made. You will also get a Razer Chroma Control section, which allows you to sync the live stream with the Razer RGB mic, keyboard, headset, etc. You might have to go through some additional setup in Synapses but in the end, it will help you to create a Synapses model to coordinate lighting with ASUS and MSI.

Talking about the performance, the LED bulbs produce a lot of light on the wall behind the monitor and the brightness and illumination are really impressive. You can even get the Red hues without enabling the Dream View section. Moreover, the screen mirroring the blue light is also quite impressive for a dull gaming room.

You would love the Govee VibraMatch technology as it replicates what is shown on a screen and amplifies the effect. Notice the difference in colours without getting into any complicated imagery. However, you might find that the screen mirroring kits are struggling to keep pace with the fast actions during the game. Also, if you want instance changes you must have a desktop or laptop capable enough to run the Govee Desktop software. 

It also comes with certain games specific RGB effects such as supported titles or you can divide the keyboard controls into lighting sequences or lights reacting to in-game effects. You would definitely enjoy the Dynamic room-wide light show with the proper placement of the Govee light around the desktop.

Installation process

You need to secure the lights at the back of the monitor by removing the protective plastic coating and routing it around the edges and corner of the display, provided you must clean the area with the alcohol wipes provided. Thus, you can easily paste the double-sided tape and it is always advised to go for a flat monitor rather than curved sections.

Paste the black plastic clip with adhesives so that you can prevent each light strip from shifting from the surface. It will also provide flexibility to the monitor size while you are tucking in the light strip sequence. If the light black plastic clips are not enough you can use black electrical tape.

Place the control box where it is convenient and you can also fix it on the desktop with the double side tape on the reverse side of the controller. Pair the Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 with the Govee Home app and allow the software to scan the room and communicate with the light strip. You have to connect to 2.4 Wi-Fi to establish stable network communication.

Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1’s one end is connected to the control box and the controller uses a barrel plug connection which gets attached to the power supply. So, when you are done, power on the lights and check out the basic screen changes. Also, during the installation, try to avoid lighting the dead spots.


  • The LED bulbs are quite dense and provide an ample amount of light.
  • The lights are compatible with Govee DreamView.
  • You can quickly install it.
  • Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 comes for a good price combined with software.


  • You have to rely on PC software for the screen mirroring effect.
  • Console gamers might not be satisfied with the light strip.

Is it worth buying Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 light?

At a price of under $80, you would definitely love these budget-friendly lights to enjoy monitor backlighting. With Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 light, you get to mirror the light even during the fastest-paced games. The dense configuration of LEDs is bound to keep you hooked. The installation process is easy and takes just minutes for the setup to complete. You can also pair the light Strip with the Govee mobile app and take full advantage of features such as DreamView. So, it is indeed worth buying to infuse smart lights into your daily gaming experience.

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