Corsair RMx Shift PSU: The Most Powerful and Efficient PSU You Can Buy

If you are looking for the latest gaming components or PC builders, then Corsair is one of the leading names in today’s evolving power supply designs. Every model of the RMx Shift PSU has an ATX 3.0 certification and PCIe 5.0 complaint. 

These are made of cutting-edge systems to help improve the overall performance and also get used to reliability, even if you are operating at the highest level. You can easily combine the Corsair RMx Shift series with modern graphics cards owing to its high-quality PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR GPU cable.

Let’s get to the details and understand what you can expect from the Corsair RMx Shift series PSU.

What are the Key Features of Corsair RMx Shift series PSU?

Let’s have a quick look at the key features of the innovative and game changer Corsair RMx Shift series PSU:

  • Easy-Access Connection Position
  • Simple and clean cable management
  • Type 5 Gen 1 micro-fit PSU cables
  • 140mm Fluid dynamic bearing fan
  • Calculated fan curve for performance, low noise, and reliability.
  • Intel® ATX 3.0 Certified
  • ATX 3.0 power standard and PCIe Gen 5 platform
  • 105°C-Rated Japanese electrolytic capacitors
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • Cybernetics-certified for lower power consumption
  • Ten-Year Warranty

Specifications and Tech Details

Corsair RMx Shift series provides you a high level of reliability and power efficiency with 10 year warranty across several systems builds. These are certified for PCIe 5.0 compliance and you can pair them with modern graphics cards, such as Nvidia’s 40 series due to its PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR GPU cable. 

Its build is based on the demanding standards and the distinguishing factors of the Corsair RMx Shift series PSU are side-mounted connectors. You can connect micro-fit cables to the side of the PSU due to its innovative patent pending side PSU panel which has modular connections. 

The overall cable management is quite easy as the flat cables have wires attached to one another. The cables provide neatness in the system build and it also has custom-sleeved cables. It also provides smooth overclocked system management and you can easily install a 3.5-inch drive caddy in the basement of the 5000D case. It also provides you flexibility for easy installation.

The cables have Corsair Type 5 Gen 1 micro-fit cable and for enhanced performance, low noise, and superb reliability you get a 140 mm fluid dynamic bearing fan. It also has support for zero RPM fan mode and is rated for a steady power output with 90% efficiency. 

You are guaranteed to get long-term durability as it has 105 degree Celsius rated Japanese electrolytic capacitors. Also, you can get third-party cases and set them with Corsair RMx Shift series PSU, as it guarantees compatibility. You only need an open space of 30 mm at the side of the bottom compartment to adjust the side position of the connected cable. 

Corsair RMx Shift series PSU is available in a range of 750 watt to 1200 watts stages with fully modular 80 PLUS Gold-certified PSUs feature for the DC connector panel on the side of the unit. It also comes at an affordable rate making it a logically oriented, budget-friendly component.


  • It has innovative cable management.
  • It has an innovative patent pending design.
  • Side connection Type 5 cables.
  • Flat ribbon style cables.
  • 80 Plus gold certification.
  • ATX 3.0 compliance certificate.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Easy post installation access.


  • Might provide a little hindrance while working with restrictive case design.

Is Corsair RMx Shift series PSU worth buying?

Yes, Corsair RMx Shift series PSU is worth your expenditure as it guarantees a quality product and also comes from a reputed brand with a warranty for 10 years. Moreover, the component also has great modularity and delivers cutting-edge technology and performance. 

It is a revolutionary patent pending side cable interface so the deal is great if you are looking for side-mounted connectivity. You get a Corsair RMx Shift series PSU for $180 to $210. However, the price can vary based on various offers and discounts.

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