How to Optimize Your Mac for a Better Gaming Experience

Even if MacBooks are not the go-to gaming option for many, you can still enjoy some great video games on them, especially if you have a brand-new MacBook model from the latest Apple lineup.

On the other hand, even if your Mac model is relatively outdated, you can still optimize the device’s performance, which will also affect the gaming experience positively. How can you do that? The information below will help with just that.

Starting with the storage issues is a good approach. As a rule of thumb, you want to have as much free storage on the computer as you can. And it is not just about needing it to ensure that you can download and install video games.

Free Up Storage

No, the MacBook will perform better with less clutter on its drive. You might go as far as needing to remove mcafee from mac as well as some other integrated apps you have no plans to use.

Other than deleting obvious clutter yourself, you should also consider a cleanup utility tool to take care of the system and app cache as well as other temporary junk.

Another good way to solve storage issues is to rely on external HDDs and iCloud. Both are great as you can transfer files from the computer to external storage, not to mention the option to back up data.

Finally, if you find that the MacBook’s drive lacks free space because you continue to store media files on the device, consider switching to streaming platforms instead.

Consider Hardware Upgrades

Unfortunately, MacBooks are not as flexible as other computers when it comes to hardware upgrades. In fact, few models are compatible with hardware modifications, so you might not even have this option available.

Nevertheless, if you check and see that your current Mac model has room for hardware improvements, go for it so long as you have the budget.

The most common hardware changes include extra RAM and an external graphics processing unit. Also, if your Mac still uses an HDD, consider replacing it with a solid-state drive.

Check for Potential Malware and Other Threats

Malware and other cybersecurity threats are not that common on MacBooks. Nevertheless, you should not discard the possibility. So long as the odds are not zero, it can still happen. 

Even minor viruses can cause significant performance issues, which obviously affect your gaming experience. 

If you do not get antivirus software that runs in the background all the time, understand that you are putting your device at risk. And it is not just the background that you have to consider. Custom disk scans with antivirus software should be a routine thing as well.

Manage Background Apps via Activity Monitor

Given how many resources video games consume and that MacBooks are pretty lackluster in some aspects, you want to make sure that there are no redundant background applications hogging memory and other computer resources.

The way to do this is pretty simple. Open Activity Monitor and sort processes by different resource usage. You are likely to find applications you forgot to close after using them. Apps from startup items might also be running in the background without you realizing it.

Keep in mind that this particular piece of advice is great not just for when you are playing video games on a MacBook but also for when you are using the computer for other things.

Update macOS

Making sure that macOS is running the latest version is also a worthwhile thing to keep an eye on. 

If you are one of those people who associate operating system updates with new features, you need to broaden your horizon. Sure, new features are great, but there is more to OS updates.

For one, you get to benefit from potential security patches that prevent the latest threats from attacking your computer.

Also, macOS updates should also improve the overall device performance, which also affects video game performance

Modify Game Graphics

Sometimes, the problem is not related to the computer itself but rather the video game you are playing. It is true that gaming on a MacBook is not optimal in some cases, but players are not doing themselves any favors by going overboard with in-game graphics quality.

As such, you should consider how you can improve the game’s performance by adjusting the graphics. Lowering the overall quality is usually an improvement, and so is disabling redundant effects like shadows or water reflections.

Sure, if a game is driven visually, your overall experience might suffer a bit, but it is still better than playing a video game that drops frames or crashes because the computer cannot handle the demands. If nothing else, you can look for that middle that leaves you happy with both the performance and how the game looks.

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