Curved Monitors vs Flat Monitors (The Real Difference No One Talks About!)

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you might know that there are two types of monitors, curved and flat, which make your gaming experience spectacular. However, you have to decide which one would be best when it comes to enhancing your experience.

At present, curved monitors are gaining quite a popularity. They come with 16:9 resolution and have an ultrawide format. So, if you are about to buy a new monitor, you must choose between a flat and a curved monitor. You need to understand the key difference.

Here, we will discuss your gaming habits, suitable factors, and budget that you need to keep in mind while you are getting a curved or flat gaming monitor.

Also, while you are switching between a flat screen or a curved screen or vice versa, keep in mind that the display should match with your lifestyle.

So. let’s take a close look:

What are the benefits of curved gaming monitors?

If you haven’t used a curved monitor for a long time, then it has an immense number of benefits when compared to a flat screen monitor. It provides added immersion for supported games. You get an ultrawide screen for multiple tabs, and the monitor also supports high resolution. Along with that, it also provides an improved picture quality, improves color consistency, and reduces the strain that continuous gaming puts on your eyes.

If you are looking for better productivity, then a curved monitor would be best for your multitasking. Also, if you are working on more than two projects at the same time, then a curved monitor would help you with managing multiple tabs. Also, due to the reduction in eye strain, you can complete every gaming session with ease.

All the pixels on a curved screen are angled towards you, so you get better consistency in color when compared with a flat monitor/screen. Also, most of the games support resolutions like 2560×1080 or 3440×1440 games on a curved ultrawide monitor, and it would also make the game look more supportive.

But, one of the con is that a curved monitor adds black bars at the side of the screen. In case, you are playing a non-supportive game, then it might not be a hassle, but if you are indulged in video editing or art, then a curved monitor would create a problem. However, when you are using a curved monitor to display your phone’s screen, then it would definitely be the best bet.

Cons of a curved monitor:

In the case of a curved monitor, it gets quite heavy while carrying from one room to another. Also, it asks for a more demanding graphics card. Other than this, it is space-consuming and can create difficulty during visual work.

What are the benefits of a flat gaming monitor?

Usually, a flat monitor is light in weight and can be easily carried from one room to another. It is also supported by different kinds of work variance and also supports different aspect ratios based on the games being played. A flat monitor is also available at a budget-friendly price, and if you are thinking of creating a dual monitor setup, then nothing can be a better option than a flat monitor.

Without any tweaking or spending huge amounts of money, you can access a variety of games on the flat monitor. However, if you are looking for better immersion, then it might fail your expectations. Usually, these monitors come in a smaller shape with a screen aspect ratio of 16:9, but you can also get it in a variety of other resolutions. So, if you are planning to carry out any digital art or video editing project, then a flat monitor should be your first choice,

It also helps to interact with the audience quite easily, and if you want to switch from one person to two or more, then you can use a large flat monitor. These monitors are also quite flexible while you are watching a movie and also while playing co-op. So, if you are looking for an alternative for a curved monitor, then get a flat monitor for a dual monitor setup. 

Cons of a flat monitor:

In terms of consistent image and color quality of the curved monitor, a flat monitor can be a little disappointing. The aspect of a flat monitor loses its immersion in the case of the ultrawide display. Also, near the edge of the screen, the picture quality and color consistency get worse.

Comparison between curved and flat monitor 

When it comes to comparing between different aspects of a flat monitor and a curved monitor, then let’s have a closer look:

Size and weight 

A curved monitor is wider when compared to flat monitors so that it can encompass the peripheral vision of the player/gamer. It also allows you to view the entire screen at once while you are sitting close to the monitor. 

A flat screen usually comes at 23 inches to 27 inches, but there are also bigger sizes, such as 32 inches to 43 inches. On the other hand, a curved monitor starts from a range of 27 inches and can get it up to 49 inches in width.

A curved monitor is usually on the heavier side, at least 23.3 pounds, when compared to a flat monitor that comes at 10.8 pounds. So, if you are thinking of mounting the monitor, then you need a very sturdy wall mount which can withstand the weight. Also, you need to make space for a curved monitor as it is going to occupy most of your gaming desk.

Color quantity and quality 

The color quality, as well as quantity, varies for flat and curved monitors. A curved monitor provides you with a better color consistency because every pixel is angled towards the viewer. On the other hand, the color of the flat screen can be slightly off as the pixels are placed far away from the viewer and have extreme angles.

Hardware requirement 

Usually, the choice of a flat monitor’s refresh rate and a curved monitor’s refresh rate is based on the type of game you intend to play. So, if you want a higher refresh rate, then you have to pay more for a curved monitor than a flat monitor.

Also, if you want to run high frame rates on a curved monitor, then you also need a graphics card that can handle it. However, in the case of flat monitors, the frame rates do not get too high. So, you do not need any additional graphics card support to handle the output. 

How did curved displays gain popularity?

Previously, curved monitors or screens were used for movie theaters, but as they got compact, these curved surfaces are now available for your desktop monitors as well. You can also get televisions that have curved designs, and it is meant to enhance your audio-visual entertainment experience.

How to understand the curvature of the screen?

A curvature of the screen is usually noted by XXXXR. Suppose the curvature is 4000R, then the 4000 indicates the radius, which is measured in mm. Thus, the smaller the radius, the larger the magnitude of bending. So, the smaller the number on the curvature, the larger the magnitude of bending would be. 

What type of games can you play on a curved screen?

You can use a curved screen for playing realistic and demanding games, such as GTA5 car chases, PUBG Battle Royal Game, League of Legends, and any other fast-paced game in the same genre.

Final Verdict

If you intend to buy a new monitor, then you must focus on your working requirements and what kind of expandables you are looking forward to. Also, you must not skip the budget, and take note of all aspects, either go for a curved or a flat monitor.

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