What Should Be The Perfect Gaming Desk Height?

So, considering Gaming Desk Height, we all know that gamers can spend hours playing a game. We all know what happens if we remain in one place for a prolonged period of time.

It’s good to know that different sectors are looking into the situation and trying to resolve it. Gaming chair and desk usage can have a major impact on a person’s physical well-being.

Today we will be focusing more on the optimal gaming desk height and its effects on players. Read more detail about Gaming Desk Height.

What is a Gaming Desk?

Gaming Desk

A gaming table was created specifically for playing games on a computer. Hence, most features were designed with gamers in mind. You can choose from an of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Its primary function is to give players an extraordinary gaming experience when using the desk. This area is large enough to accommodate multiple gaming monitors.

You will be able to concentrate on your game with less discomfort if you have the best gaming table.

What is the size of a gaming desk?

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The standard measurement of height for a game desk ranges around 28ins (71cm) between 30 and thirty inches (76cm) from the tabletop to the floor. This desk is suitable for those with a height of 5’8” (172cm) up to 5’10 inches (177cm).

Is it important to have a large desk for gaming?

large desk for gaming

You might be wondering why so many people are clamoring for the height of their desks. The reason is that gamers are increasing in number daily.

Incorrect posture is a leading cause of all sorts of pains in the body. People began to research the relationship between discomfort and furniture because we all use chairs and desks for different activities.

Appropriate Gaming Desk Height

Do you have severe headaches, neck pains, or backaches after sitting for long periods of time with your eyes glued to computer monitors?

They may go unnoticed or you might just forget about them while your attention is on the game. But, once the fun is over, especially when you lose, you begin to feel everything.

All jokes aside, no matter how much you win, you will eventually feel the discomfort that comes with not sitting correctly. Only then can you appreciate the importance of your furniture. Gaming desk height is critical to your comfort and sitting posture.

How high should your desk be?

How high should your desk be

You can find many desk height calculators online to get an idea of the dimensions. Prioritize comfort when choosing the right height of a gaming desk.

You should ensure that your elbows, underarms, and back are straightened so they can sit comfortably on the desk. Sitting comfortably and with a relaxed posture is important.

  • Average Desk Height

The standard height of gaming desks ranges from 28 to 30 inches, as we’ve already mentioned. This height is appropriate for players six feet tall.

Consider your height when purchasing a gaming table to ensure you are in a comfortable position while playing.

  • Viewing angle

If your desk is not at the right height, it can affect your viewing angle and cause strain to your eyes. As you sit down, your neck should be relaxed so that you can clearly see what is on the screen.

Neck strain can be caused by adjusting the table’s height to either lower or greater. The ideal viewing angle is between 20 and 50 degrees from your horizontal eye level.

  • Placement of the Armrests

When you are at the right height for your desk, your shoulders will be relaxed when you sit down in front. It should be possible to comfortably place your elbows on the table.

This position can only be achieved if your table height is not too high above the armrests.

How to get the most out of your desk?

These are some possible solutions to make the most of your gaming desk.

  • Find the right height for your chair

Tables and chairs go hand in hand. Your chair should be adjusted to compensate for a low desk.

Your feet should touch the ground when you set up your chair. If this is impossible, you can use a platform or stool. This is how to prevent your feet from dangling, and also create a 90-degree angle in your ankles.

You will feel the chair’s bottom digging into your legs if your feet aren’t balanced. This can affect blood circulation and cause problems with your feet.

Conversely, knees too close to your chest can make your hip flexor muscles tighten. You have two options: adjust it to a higher or search for one taller.

  • Find the right desk height

When you are seated and ready to play, your elbows and forearms should be at least 90 degrees. Your forearms will reach higher if your desk is too high.

This can be solved by elevating your chair and putting your feet on something higher. If your forearms reach down, that could indicate that your desk is too low.

To fix the problem, you can elevate the table. You can elevate the table to fix this problem. Make sure your forearms align with the table, and that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.

  • The Ideal Position for an Armrest

This scenario is simple: make sure your armrests are parallel to your gaming desk to ensure your shoulders remain relaxed while you play.

How to Get a Wrist Rest?

Wrist Rest
Gaming Desk Wrist Rest

During gameplay, the fingers of the player are usually higher than the wrist resting on a table in extended positions. This position will reduce the height of the top forearm muscles and increase the lengthening of the bottom.

Some players use a wrist rest to reduce the wrist’s extended position and neutralize its position.


The height is a crucial element for a desk. It is crucial to understand which features are important, what is not, and the reasons behind them.

Whatever it is, whether it’s your regular desk for your computer or a game desk, choosing the correct desk height will allow you to be comfortable and can enhance the gaming experience.

So now that you’ve figured out the ideal height for a gaming desk and the reasons why in the first place, you’ll be able to pick the ideal gaming desk.

I hope this article was able to assist you to find what you’re searching for. If you did, be sure you share it on social media with your gaming buddies.

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