Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Review: The Ultimate Gaming and Work Companion

If you are looking for a 1440p gaming monitor with a variety of usage, then a Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor would be your best bet. It comes with a 27-inch monitor screen and grants you an immersive gaming experience. The input lag is quite low and the response time is exceptional. Moreover, you get smooth and responsive gameplay owing to its high refresh rate. 

The IPS panel comes with a wide viewing angle and you can easily share content and play co-op games. It has a low contrast ratio and results in grey visuals rather than black in a dark environment. 

The Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor also does not have a swivel adjustment and you get to rotate it in portrait mode. However, you might not be satisfied with the not-so-bright outcome, even though it has HDR support. 

Still, you cannot miss out on the Picture-in-Picture/Picture-by-Picture mode, a KVM feature, and a USB-C port that supports DisplayPort Alt Mode, thus, you get to control two devices using the mouse and keyboard. 

Let’s get to know more about the Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor and whether it is worth buying.

Inside the box of Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor

  • Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monito
  • 3x power cords 
  • DisplayPort cable 
  • User Guide 
  • HDMI cable 
  • Power cable 
  • USB A to USB B upstream cable


  • Panel Type and Backlight – Super Speed IPS / W-LED, edge array
  • Screen Size – 27 inches
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:9
  • Max Resolution and Refresh Rate – 2560×1440 @ 170 Hz
  • Response Time – 0.5 ms
  • Brightness – 400 nits
  • Contrast – 1000:1
  • Speakers – 2x 2w
  • Video Inputs – 1x DisplayPort 1.2
  • Audio – 3.5mm headphone output
  • USB 3.0 – 2x up, 2x down
  • Power Consumption – 21w, brightness @ 200 nits
  • Panel Dimensions – 24.2 x 15.8-21 x 8 inches
  • Weight – 5.5kg
  • Warranty – 3 years

Technical Details

Let’s get to a detailed discussion about the Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor and its technical specifications:

Build and Style

The Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor comes in only one size 27 inches and has a simple design. It comes with a flat and non-curved screen with thin borders on three sides. The bottom bezel appears to be thicker and it also has a V-shaped flat stand. The built quality is good, sturdy, and completely made up of plastic and there is no issue in the construction. 

The stand perfectly supports the monitor and with the height adjustment of 13 cm, you can optimise the viewing range for sharing content. Along with that, you get tilt adjustments in the -20 to 5-degree range. The Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor does not have a rotatable portrait/landscape and the Wall mount is VESA 100X100.

The design is modern and has a mix of plastic and the stand has a small cut-out for cable management. The stand does not take out much space and is quite sturdy to hold the screen. The housing width is 61.5 cm and the housing height is 36.7 cm, where the weight without the stand is 4.1 kg.

You will find a single joystick which allows you to power the monitor and also navigate through the on-screen menu. This is usually present at the backside of the screen and using the KVM button you get to switch between two devices.

Display and Contrast Ratio

It also has a mediocre contrast ratio, slightly higher than 1000:1 but tends to vary between individual units. Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor also lacks the local dimming feature. However, the SDR peak brightness is quite high and there is no variation when displaying different scenes. 

It is also bright enough to eliminate the glare. The monitor has excellent grey uniformity and almost no dirty screen effect. It also has decent reflection handling, but when exposed to direct sunlight it can have a little clear glare.

The Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor provides you with an excellent gaming experience, owing to its high refresh rate. However, it is only possible to reach 170 Hz over a DisplayPort connection due to band limitations with an 8-bit color coding.


The monitor supports Adaptive-Sync and is also compatible with FreeSync and GSync. The variable refresh rate helps in reducing screen tearing and over HDMI the limitations are 144 Hz. Also, you do not have to change the settings in the frame rate, in case the game drops owing to the Overdrive setting which should be in “Picture quality”.

Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor provides you with an excellent response time. It also has a backlight strobing feature to improve motion clarity in the form of an Aim Stabilizer. The monitor is free from flickering black lights which helps to reduce eye strain. Moreover, it also has exceptionally low input lag and has enough space for work and media consumption

The monitor is comfortable with the PS5 and Xbox series. It has one DisplayPort, 2 HDMI 2.0, and HDR 10. It also has a 3.5 mm microphone and thunderbolt ports. Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor comes with USB A, USB B, and USB C ports. The Gigabyte M27Q monitor is also comfortable with MacOS.

Why should you invest in Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor?

The Gigabyte M27Q (rev 1.0) Monitor can be used for multiple purposes, it serves office requirements as well as gaming. It has low input lag and great response time. It comes with a complete coverage of Adobe RGB color space and if you are a photo editor, then you must go for it. It comes with a USB C port to help you with a supportive DisplayPort Alt Mode. So, you get to display the signal from a compatible device and also charge it at the same time, and that too using the same cable. 


  • Large screen with high-resolution
  • In a bright room with good visibility
  • exceptional SDR color gamut
  • wide viewing angle.


  • It has poor ergonomics
  • Black appears to be grey in a dark room
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