Corsair Virtuoso Pro Headset Review: Budget High-End Audio

Corsair Virtuoso Pro is an analog gaming headset that comes with sophisticated technical qualities and a high-end performance. If you have just $200 to spend, then Pro is here to meet your expectations.

It comes within the list of open-back gaming headsets and is one of the best choices for gamers as well as streamers.  So, now, no more skipping your favorite song or avoiding competitive games due to noise distortion. We give you the Plug and Play Corsair Virtuoso Pro. With this, you can pay attention to the monitor, play your games, and also be cautious about your surroundings.

Let’s get to know how this gaming gadget is going to help you survive intensive gaming sessions and streaming.

Inside the box 

Here’s what you are going to get in a box:

  • Corsair Virtuoso Pro 
  • 2 cables: 1 with a boom arm microphone and the other without any microphone
  • A 3.5 mm plug includes a Y splitter
  • A hard case transport bag


Here are the specifications that would help you to make an informed decision:

  • Dimensions: 225 x 195 x 48mm
  • Weight: 338g
  • Audio Driver: 50mm Graphene Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz  to 40 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 117 dB (+/- 3dB)
  • Mic Type: Uni-directional
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Usage of the 2 cables

If required, you can also attach the Corsair Virtuoso Pro with an external microphone. So, if you are just watching movies or listening to music, you can use the headset, which comes without the microphone. However, if you are in an aggressive gaming session, then you can use the cable that comes with the microphone. 

You can also connect the Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset with gaming consoles or mobile devices. The transport bag makes the gadget idle for gamers and streamers to carry around without worrying about getting damaged.


The Corsair Virtuoso Pro comes with a functional yet elegant design, and you get to see a perfect combination of plastic and metal. You can choose between either white or black colors with aluminum-reinforced frames. It also provides you durability, and the look and feel are also of high quality. 

You will find memory foam-filled ear pads that adapt to the shape of your head without any hassle. You would also love the fabric cover and the comfort that it provides when you are going through hours of gaming sessions. Corsair Virtuoso Pro also has better heat dissipation quality.

However, you might not like the open design in a noisy environment, and it does not cancel out the noises. When you are playing multiplayer games, it can create a glitch in the communication process. 

Moreover, on the other side, the sound quality produced is quite bearable, loud and clear. Thus, anyone present in the same room can also hear the sound coming from the headphones. If you find any noise problem, then you can fine-tune the equalizer for a little improvement.

Real-time monitoring

You get to hear your own voice in real time owing to the open design of the Corsair Virtuoso Pro. So, if you are looking forward to clear communication, then this gadget is a must-have. This gaming headband is adjustable, and the weight is also around 338 grams providing ergonomic design and comfort to continue a long period of gaming session.

Technical specifications 

The Corsair Virtuoso Pro comes with a 50 mm graphene driver, which is designed to provide high-quality sound. Thus, you get deep bass and clear treble, along with the detailing. You also get a robust diaphragm when compared with the conventional ones and also a 3.5 mm jack for quick audio transmission.

It provides you an impedance of 32 ohms, so you can also connect it to mobile devices so that it can work smoothly. The microphone works in a unidirectional format, so it can pick up sound in a certain direction. The device provides you with a broad recording spectrum and a frequency range of 100 hertz to 10 kilohertz. 

Set up of Corsair Virtuoso Pro

The Corsair Virtuoso Pro comes with Elgato Wave Link software, so you just need to adjust the EQ settings to get tailor-made audio based on your preferences and, meanwhile, continue your gaming session. You can also personalize the in-depth audio profile to fine-tune the voice and create a more flexible playback.

You also get customizable features for audio experience optimization. Moreover, other than a PC, you can also connect it with other devices or any DAC, and the software won’t create a problem as the gadget comes with a common jack plug. You can also integrate VST plugins with Corsair Virtuoso Pro to enhance your audio experience.


If we talk about the performance of the Corsair Virtuoso Pro, then you are going to get the 50 mm graphene driver. The gadget comes with a clear and rich sound with details. Thus, you can clearly hear the footsteps and explosions. It also includes a high frequency without distortion. As a game, you can be fully immersed in the action and take advantage of tech titles.

 However, the distortion might seem to be too sharp, and you need to reset the equalizer based on your preferences. If you are interacting with your gaming community, then the clarity of the microphone will indeed be impressive. Also, on streaming platforms like YouTube, you can clearly transmit your voice. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Corsair Virtuoso Pro?

Here we have enlisted the advantages and disadvantages that come along with Corsair Virtuoso Pro:


  • Good sound quality
  • Lightweight, easy to wear and comfortable
  • Easy to connect for gaming or streaming
  • Solid and sturdy built with aluminum
  • Flexible cables with and without microphone


  • No wireless connectivity
  • No volume control
  • The clamping force might feel to be too tight

What is the price of Corsair Virtuoso Pro?

When it was launched, Corsair Virtuoso Pro was available at a price of $199.99, making the price a $200 budget-friendly headset. In the UK, you can also get Corsair Virtuoso Pro at £169.99. However, for other parts of the world, such as Canada, it is $269.99 and Dubai $239 AUD. The prices also tend to differ based on online or offline sales. 

Should you get the Corsair Virtuoso Pro? 

Yes, you can definitely try out the Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset. It provides you with a sound accurate, open-back design and durable material that can help to enhance the experience of your gaming session. You would also love the lightweight and sturdy materials that act as a secured headband on your head. However, you might miss the fine details, but overall, it is worth the price you are paying.

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