How Old Is Aether In Genshin Impact? (Genshin Impact Fan Theory)

Aether is at the very least over 500 years old in Genshin Impact, although he still has a youthful appearance. He and his sister Lumine are Travelers from another world, and they arrived in Teyvat over 500 years ago. 

However, they were soon separated by the Unknown God, who sealed away their powers and imprisoned them. Aether awoke 500 years later, and he has been traveling across Teyvat in search of his sister ever since.

Despite his age, Aether still looks like a teenager. This is likely because he is a Traveler, and Travelers are not subject to the same laws of aging as ordinary mortals. However, Aether’s true age is still a mystery, as it is unknown how long he and Lumine had been traveling through the universe before they arrived in Teyvat.

It is also worth noting that Aether’s age is a matter of some debate among Genshin Impact fans. Some fans believe that Aether is actually much older than 500 years, as he and Lumine may have been traveling through time as well as space. Others believe that Aether is still only a teenager, even though he has been alive for centuries.

Ultimately, Aether’s true age is up to the player to decide. However, it is clear that he is a very old and experienced individual, despite his youthful appearance.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG where you get the chance to go through the world of Teyvat and explore the universe. You also participate in completing quests and vanquishing enemies. Other than this, you also meet different inhabitants of the world. 

Here, you have to choose a player, and along with that comes the player’s twin. You get to see the entire game through the eyes of the player. The two siblings are named Aether and Lumine, and they both take you through an interesting journey.

Who is Aether?

When you begin the Genshin Impact, you will find the option to choose either a male or a female protagonist. The character which develops into a twin sibling is the one that is left out. So, if you are choosing a female character, then Aether will be the twin brother who is left out.

Based on the script of the story, the two siblings go on a journey across the universe, and during this process, they are captured by an unknown God who is named “Sustainer of Heavenly Principles”, and hence begins the Genshin Impact. The male version of the traveler is called Aether, and the female version is an NPC named Lumine. 

Can you change Aether’s name?

Now, based on your preferences, you can change the name of a character, but you will find that her female twin, Lumine, is still referring to him as Aether. But, despite this fact, you still won’t be able to understand or guess the accurate age of the character.

What is the actual age of Aether?

You find that Aether has a youthful presence, and some fans have guessed he might be within the age range of 15 to 17, but in the game, you can see that he and his female twin have been living for quite a long time. 

The destruction of Khaenri’ah, which occurred 500 years ago, is also known as the Cataclysm, and the interesting fact is that the entire event was witnessed by these two siblings, and this was also the main event of Genshin Impact.

Based on the script, you will find that one traveler is put into deep sleep, but the other sibling traveler manages to escape. However, even with this fact, you won’t be able to decode their actual age, as both have a youthful appearance. So, as per the events occurring in Genshin Impact, you won’t be able to guess the true age of other characters as well. You can simply distinguish them as young or old. 

Along with that, there is also no definite fact about how long the twins have been living before they were captured by the Unknown God. If you had known this aspect, then it would have a sense of guessing the next to correct age range.

Is it possible to guess the correct age of Aether?

Based on the fact that Aether and his twin sibling are traveling for a long time, he can be more than 20 years of age. However, his appearance goes against this fact. The only conclusion that you can draw is Aether might be more than 50 years old.

Who is older – Aether or Lumine?

Based on the Chinese and Japanese concept, Aether is older than Lumine and both of them are twins. But, when compared in terms of gameplay, Lumine has more attack damage bonus than Lumine.

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