Are There Planet Boundaries in Starfield? (Complete Guide)

Yes, there are planet boundaries in Starfield. If you walk too far in any direction, you will reach the edge of the map and be unable to go any further. You will then be given the option to fast travel to your ship, open the planet map, or cancel.

The planet boundaries in Starfield are not visible on the map, but they are quite large. You will have to walk or run for several minutes before you reach the edge of a planet.

Some players have criticized the planet boundaries in Starfield, arguing that they are too restrictive and limit the player’s freedom of exploration. 

However, other players have defended the planet boundaries, arguing that they are necessary to prevent the game from becoming too overwhelming and to ensure that the game world remains well-designed and balanced.

What should you do after you get the message “Boundary reached”?

When you get the message “Boundary reached”, you will get three options, as mentioned above –  “Fast travel to the ship”, “Get a view of the planet map/ Open planet map”, or “Cancel the popup message”.

Now, if you choose “Cancel the popup message”, then it will allow you to walk straight forward, and you will get bumped into an invisible wall. A message will appear on the right corner of the screen informing you that you cannot go that way.

If you choose the second option, “Get a view of the planet map/ Open planet map”, then you will get transported to another part of the map. This might sound contradictory to the previous message that Bethesda published, saying – You can walk and explore the entire planet at your free will.

What can you explore in Starfield?

You will find more than 1000 planets in Starfield, and each has a different view and varying levels of gravity. You will also find different types of life inhibiting the planets, and the temperature also has a range from extreme cold to extreme hot. You would definitely enjoy the exploring nature of the game and the role-playing quest. 

So, when you land on a planet, keep running and check how far the game will lead you. You would find abandoned factories, abandoned facilities, pirates, bad people, a lot of rocks, criminals, and unnamed outposts. You will also get a lot more characters to interact with on these planets, which are hardly barren. Moreover, the gravitational pull is enough to keep you hooked on this game.

What can you do after you land on a Starfield planet? 

Here are the actions that you can take on Starfield as part of exploring the planet:

  • At first, you have to choose a landing spot and then land on the planet and try to exclude the oceans.
  • You can also go around the orbit of your planet and take a quick scan to understand what raw material the planet is made up of and whether it is safe for landing.
  • You can explore the surface of the planet on foot and scan the flora and fauna and other resources around.
  • You will get a checklist of scannable items that you can sell after you are done exploring.
  • Try to understand the unusual traits or attributes of the planet by scanning and exploring them.

What are the things you cannot do on Starfield planet?

Here are the actions that cannot be taken on Starfield:

  • You cannot walk around the circumference of the planet as eventually you will get stopped at the boundary with a notification – “Boundary reached: open the map to explore other regions or return to your ship”.
  • You cannot fly the ship anywhere on the planet or land or take off from any region.
  • You cannot add fuel for the entire journey. The ship has a fuel meter that indicates the amount of fuel left so that you can refill in between your travels.

Can you travel to other planets in Starfield?

Yes, you can definitely travel to different planets, as the game is not restricted to any particular zone. There is a huge galaxy waiting for you to explore. You get to fly to different planets using your spaceship.

How many planets are there to explore in Starfield?

There are more than 1,000 planets that you can explore and investigate on Starfield. Spread across 100 different star systems, each with its unique characteristics, weather, and species, you have a lot to investigate. Along with planets, there are also moons spread across the system that you can explore. You also get the opportunity to modify your ships in Starfield and add crew members, weapons, and shields.

Will Starfield support crossplay?

No, Starfield will not support crossplay. Starfield is a single-player game, and owing to its huge explorative nature, it might not be a muti-player in nature. You get the opportunity to travel a lot across the space with customizable characters and explore Settled Systems.

How long will it take to finish Starfield?

It is expected that to complete an average playthrough, it would take approximately 30-40 hours to complete the Starfield.

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