How to Get a Free Laptop from the Government in 2023? (Guide)

To get a free laptop from the government, you need to go through a step-by-step process. It is quite true that there are people who cannot afford a good laptop, and for them, the government has started an initiative to provide free laptops. Anybody who meets the eligibility criteria and falls under the terms and conditions placed by the government can apply for a free laptop.

If you are a US citizen, low-income householder, student, or have any form of disability, then you can apply for a free laptop from the government.

If you are not eligible for the free laptop from the government, then you can seek assistance from non-profit organizations that are backed by the government. NPOs and NGOs receive funds from the government, which they utilize to provide laptops to low-income families. 

The process is as follows – you need to meet the qualification, provide appropriate documentation to prove your eligibility, apply for the program, wait for approval, and then receive the confirmation to get the laptop within a few days.

So, let’s walk you through the details of the Government and non-government initiatives that can help you to get laptops for free.

Who can apply for a free laptop from the government?

Let’s get to know what criteria make you eligible to apply for the free laptop program:

Low-income household 

People who live below the poverty level as laid by the government can take advantage of this program. Usually, these low-income families struggle to meet both ends, so buying a laptop is quite a luxury for them. However, the government’s goal is to help every citizen get a laptop and never miss out on job opportunities or studies. So, they are encouraged to get laptops where these individuals need to provide proof of income certificate. Every state has its own set of criteria that you need to meet to get a laptop.

US citizen 

Every US citizen is eligible to get a free laptop from the federal government. There are several programs offered by the government to make the life of the citizen easy. You just have to check the other eligible criteria that can support you in signing up for one of these programs. Even if you do not meet the other criteria, you still have various non-profit organizations who are ready to serve you with free laptops for national and international studies. You can also get a laptop for work-related purposes.


This set of individuals is the most encouraged and targeted group to provide free laptops from the government. Learning institutes have become more advanced, and laptops help to serve the bare minimum. So, every student requires a laptop and a stable internet connection to pursue higher studies. Public schools might not be able to help students to get proper communication mediums, so the government is bringing out new schemes to help them bridge the digital gap. This free laptop initiative also ensures that students can get quality education and improve their lives.

Individuals will disability 

It is quite understandable that disabilities can lead to challenging everyday situations. So, the government has brought up this free laptop scheme to help students overcome the challenges that they face in their studies. Also, a laptop can help them to prepare and apply for various jobs.

What are the eligibility criteria laid out by the Government to get a free laptop?

Get to know about the eligibility requirements that you need to fulfill to receive a free laptop from the government:

  • You must be a citizen of the United States of America and must hold a citizenship record in the government books.
  • You must have valid documents to prove your identity which includes a passport, driving license, birth certificate, or any other valid card.
  • While applying for the free laptop scheme, you must apply from the address you are presently residing at.
  • You also need to provide proof of the address and your ownership.
  • You must provide the details of your present income, if required, provide documentation related to your salary or tax return.
  • If you are residing in a state which receives natural calamities or goes to adverse weather conditions now and then, then you can apply for a free laptop from the government through the Natural Disaster Relief Program.
  • If you receive any other assistance from the government in the form of Medicaid and food, then you can provide the documents and apply for a free laptop from the government.

What are the documents required to prove your eligibility?

  • Citizenship proof – Certificate of US citizenship or naturalization, permanent resident card, or green card.
  • Valid ID proof that includes driver’s license, Social Security number, passport, birth certificate, and valid government/military/ state of tribal ID.
  • Address proof that includes utility bill, lease agreement, documents to support the applicants’ mentioned ownership or rent, and Mortgage documents.
  • Income proof to provide valid data that the individual is below the Federal Poverty Level, Individual Taxpayer Identification number.

Other Organizations that provide Free Laptop

The government has formed a partnership with organizations that intend to provide free laptops. These are targeted at the individuals who are not directly eligible for the free laptop, based on the criteria laid by the government.

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

They have started the Microsoft free laptop program, of which 2500 organizations have become a part. They are, in general, assisting low-income households in getting free laptops and proper access to stable internet. They are providing refurbished as well as new laptops, which are just as good as new systems. Moreover, all the software provided is authentic, legit, and free.

Affordable Connectivity Free Laptop and Internet Program

The government program is highly funded and administered by the Federal Communication Commission, which provides a one-time discount of around $100 if you buy a laptop for low-income families or those who are unable to pay for Internet services. They also offer additional discounts on internet services that include $30 per month.


This organization is also backed up by the government, and they provide laptops to low-income household individuals. They encourage these families to get laptops and take advantage of internet services to stay ahead in terms of education and work. For example, if a person living in California earns less than $ 45000 a year, then they can apply for this program.

How to apply for a free laptop from the Government?

  • First, you need to go through the eligibility criteria and check whether you have the appropriate documentation and qualify for the requirements placed.
  • Second, you need to find an appropriate area from where you can apply for the program, or you can contact the provider of the program directly.
  • Third, fill out the online application and provide all the necessary documents and wait for approval.
  • Finally, when your application gets confirmed, verified, and approved, then you can go to their service-providing area and collect your laptop.

Why was your free laptop application rejected?

If your application gets rejected, then you might not qualify for all the criteria laid out by the government to get the free laptop. The documentation provided is not appropriate for your residential area and has not yet been considered under the free laptop program scheme. Moreover, if you are not a citizen of the United States or you are not 18 years old, or if you are a minor, then you might not be able to apply. Also, your application will be rejected if the address provided does not match your current residency or if you do not have proper documentation to prove your eligibility.

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