Fix Modern Warfare Multiplayer Not Working [Quick Fix 2023]

After the WarZone Pacific update, many gamers have reported that COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer not working. This can occur due to a missing data pack, where you might notice a message as “Missing Data Pack”, as soon as you start the multiplayer mode.

The update that was released in December 2021 has been creating an error as soon as the gamers start the game in multiplayer. This error can occur on PS5, Xbox, and even PC. Other than this, corrupted cache, outdated game license, and problems while launching the game through the Cold War interface can also trigger something similar.

So, let’s get to know about the troubleshooting steps you need to implement to fix the Modern Warfare multiplayer not working error.

Launch the game with a dedicated launcher

Modern Warfare multiplayer not working can occur if you try to launch the games through the Cold War launcher. So, if you want to play the game in multiplayer mode, then either directly open the game from the shortcut icon on the desktop. Otherwise, you can also go through the list of games on the console and select from there. Launch the game and try to avoid the Cold War interface 

With the launch of WarZone, Modern Warfare, and WarZone Interface have been brought together. This has formed a separate interface called the Cold War interface. Thus, while launching the game through the Cold War interface, you are getting the COD game not working error.

Clear the cache files

Owing to corrupted cache files, the device identifies the game as damaged or multiplayer files missing. Thus, you need to clear the cache for a smooth interface.

The steps seem to vary from one device to another:

How to clear cache files on PS5 or PS4?

To clear the cache on PS5 or PS4, first, turn it on and press and hold the Power button. You will hear the beep sound, which indicates the device has been turned off. Now, unplug the PS4 from the power outlet after the LED lights stop blinking. You need to wait for 1 to 2 minutes and then plug the cables into the power outlet. Turn on the device, and this should clear the cache.

How to clear the cache on Xbox?

There are different processes for clearing the cache for different models of Xbox:

If you are using an Xbox X gaming console, then –

You need to press the logo on the Controller after you get to the home screen. Now, go to “Profile and System” and select Settings. Now, navigate to All Settings > Device and Connections tab, and from the list of options, select Blu-Ray. Go to Persistent Storage and tap on Clear Persistent Storage and Reboot your console.

If you are using Xbox One gaming console, then –

After you turn on the Xbox One, hold down the Power button for a few seconds, and this will turn off the console. Now, unplug the power cable from the outlet and wait for 1 to 2 minutes; this will clear all the cache. Plug the power cable back into the outlet and turn on the console. This would successfully clear the cache on your Xbox One.

How to clear the cache on the PC?

If you love playing COD Modern Warfare on your PC, then first verify the game files and then check the game integrity on Steam.

Login to open Steam and navigate to the Library. Now, right-click on the option Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Now, select Properties > Local Files and tap on Verify Integrity to proceed. You need to click on YES and then restart the PC.

This should resolve COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer not working error. Now, you can successfully play games after clearing the cache and checking the game’s integrity. 

Install the missing data pack

COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer has a concept of split package activation. So, different packages have different data sets, which makes it difficult for the multiplayer to understand which one would work properly. Thus, you need to install the four data packages, along with the main game data, to fix the error.

Install the missing data pack on PS5 or PS4

First, go to COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer and press the R3 button on the controller. In the Manage Installs, you will find the Modern Warfare Game Pack. Install all the data packs mentioned and reboot the console. 

When the console restarts, it will automatically detect the data pack for the COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer and install them. This would fix the error, and you can play the game without any hindrance.

Install the missing data pack on Xbox

If you are playing COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer on Xbox, then you need to go to Microsoft Store and look for COD Modern Warfare. Click on it and scroll down to the “In this bundle” section. Here, you will find the data pack which you need to install and Reboot the Xbox. Finally, with the first reboot, the game will be back to normal, and you won’t face any problems.

Update the game license

If there has been an inappropriate game license, then the game may fail to run. So, to update the game license on PS5 or PS4, you need to go to Settings and select “User and Accounts”, then click on Other and ‘Restore Licenses’.

Next, click on the option Restore and confirm your selection. You need to give it some time so that the restoration process can complete and the PS5 will reboot automatically. This would restore the license and would fix the problem as well.

Update COD Modern Warfare Licence on PS4

If you are using a PS4, go to Settings after reaching the home screen. Now, click on Account Management, then Restore License. Finally, you have to wait for the restoration process to complete, and the console will reboot automatically. Thus, COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer not working error will be fixed.

Is Modern Warfare Multiplayer mode still active in 2023?

Considering the statistics reports of 2023, Modern Warfare Multiplayer has the best gaming experience compared to the entire franchise. Here you get a thrilling multiplayer mode with maps, various game modes, a single-player campaign, and a special Ops mode.

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