How Much Will Starfield Cost? [Everything You Must Know]

You can access Starfield on both PC and Xbox series consoles. This is a first-person space RPG designed by Bethesda Game Studio. The game is based on hunting down bounty in space, and you have to develop your own outpost on a distant deserted planet.

This is the developer’s one of the biggest games, which was revealed first in 2016, and now it is mentioned to be the Game of the Year. The cost of Starfield Standard Edition is $69.99, and there are various other editions as well. Based on that, the cost can go as high as $299.99.

If you are curious to know more about this space adventure game, then let’s walk you through this guide

What is Starfield?

Starfield is a space adventure game where the storyline takes place in 2330. Based on the gravity engine, humans can now go through interstellar and travel between planets and star systems.

Here, the player is given the role of a miner whose job is to gather materials from the moon. Here, you will find artifacts and understand the special characteristics of your role. As a player, you get a thousand planets to explore, and this initiates the adventurous journey.

It takes approximately 17 hours to complete the mission of the game, but if you are a Pro player, then it will take much less time. Here, you get to wear a special suit, fly your spaceship across unknown regions, and travel through the mysteries of the universe.

You can also join the Constellation faction, which is a dedicated group in search of the galaxy after the war ends between the United Colonies and the Freestar collective. According to the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim developers, they have designed multiple editions of Starfield if you want to get bonus items in-game.

When is Starfield released?

Starfield has been officially released on September 6 for both PC and Xbox series consoles. If you have already pre-recorded the premium edition or Constellation edition, then you might have already gained early access to the game.

What is the cost of Starfield?

Based on the Edition or version that you are going to buy, the cost of Starfield differs. If you opt for the Starfield Standard edition, then it will cost $70. The premium edition, which has a Constellation skin pack and access to Starfield Digital Artbook, comes at $100. It also has an original soundtrack and Shattered Space story expansion. 

However, if you are looking for the Starfield Constellation edition, with a Starfield Chronomark watch and watch case, then it will cost you $250. Except for the Standard edition, which comes with the base game, other editions come with different bonuses. 

Let’s look at the breakdown of the cost:

  • Starfield Standard Edition: $69.99
  • Starfield Premium Edition: $99.99
  • Starfield Constellation Edition: $299.99

Now, if you want to upgrade the game:

  • Starfield Premium Upgrade: $34.99

Are the Starfield passes available?

Yes, if you are playing the game on Xbox, then you can get passes for both the console as well as PC. You have to use the Xbox Play Anywhere option, where you get a digital copy of the game so that you can switch from Xbox to PC without the need to pay different amounts while accessing Starfiled on different devices.

What would you get in the Starfield game pass edition?

In the Game Pass edition of the game, you would get Old Mars Skin Pack, Laser Cutter

, Deep Mining Helmet, and Deep Mining Pack.

Which items are excluded in the Games pass of Starfield?

Items that are excluded from the Game Pass are the original soundtrack, the digital artbook, the Shattered Space Story expansion, and the Constellation Skin Pack.

What is the cost of an Xbox game pass? 

Xbox game pass basically comes in the form of monthly subscriptions, which have different tiers. A PC subscription costs $10 per month, and an Xbox subscription costs $11. If you want to access both PC and Xbox along with cloud gaming, then you have to get the Xbox game pass ultimate, which costs $17. 

What is the system configuration required for Starfield?

You can play Starfield on the Xbox series X and series S, and for PC users, you can get it through Steam and Windows Store. The game is less than 140 GB for the Xbox series X and S, and in the case of the PC version, you need a space of 125 GB to download and install the game.

Are there any branded accessories associated with Starfield?

Yes, there are branded accessories related to Starfield. Microsoft released the Starfield Limited edition Xbox wireless controller and a Starfield Limited edition wireless headset, which cost $80 and $124, respectively. You also get console wraps in the theme of Starfield, which would cost $45 if pre-ordered. There are also other items that are available in the Store, such as t-shirts, skateboards, and mugs.

Are mods available for the Starfield?

Yes, mods are available for Starfields, but only for the PC version. These are game codes that can help in the modification of graphics, bypassing the lock-picking game, or changing the inventory system. According to the developers, Bethesda, the official support for mods will arrive next year.

Is Starfield available on PS5?

No, Starfield is not available on PS5. Also, it has been confirmed that the game won’t be released on PS5; rather, you can access it on Windows PC and Xbox Series X and S, only.

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