What Does TV Static Taste Like? (Surprising Insights)

If you ask what does TV Static tastes like, then most people answer Seltzer Water. It has been reported that people who are dealing with Synesthesia experience this taste. This condition is similar to the fact that if you hear a word, then you might see a color related to it.

The TV Static taste is not literally tasting the TV. It’s more of what you experience when you hear ‘TV Static’. The main feature of TV Static is that it contains carbon dioxide, which is present in Seltzer water and also makes it traditionally sparking. So, if we say that TV static is made of carbon dioxide, then it must be edible and taste something like sparkling water.

But, if you are still curious and want to taste TV static, then we can go through the composition and presume what the test would be like. Let’s walk you through our experience.

What is the taste of TV Static?

Since we have already mentioned that TV static is made of carbon dioxide. Thus, you can say it has the same test as sparkling water. However, there are also variations of sparkling water that you can choose from, and it also depends on the flavoring and ingredients that are used to make this drink. Now, if you come to choose plain sparkling water, then it has a similar taste to TV static and might have a bland flavor, and this taste is similar to Seltzer water.

It is not possible to get TV static in liquid form so that you can taste it. So, it is difficult to determine what would be your taste. But, only the people who are suffering from Synesthesia can taste it due to their senses’ differentiation and experience. If you ask them, they will be able to help you understand what the TV static would taste like.

Wrapping Up

No one would like to literally taste TV static, but if you find somebody who is ready to taste TV static, then you can get their viewpoint and understand exactly what it tastes like. Mostly, they would be describing this taste as bland, but their description would also help you to get a similarity with the sparkling water. It would also make it clear to understand whether our research is helping you to experience your first-time TV static taste. 

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