How to Make Purple Dye in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to make purple dye in Minecraft, then you have to mix blue dye with red dye. For every one blue dye and one red dye, you will get two purple dyes. You have to use the crafting grid to mix these primary colors or you can also use the 2 x 2 inventory.

While playing Minecraft, the purple dye holds a lot of significance. It is meant for royalty and luxury. Moreover, you can exchange the purple dye to change the color of the sheep and you can also turn the color of the collar of tamed cats and wolves into purple.

So, let’s get to the step-by-step process and understand how you can get purple dye, and how you can get Red dye. Other than this, you also need to know about the process of mixing them to prepare a purple dye.

How can you make a purple dye in Minecraft?

Minecraft Purple Dye: How to Get Purple Dye In Minecraft?

If you want to make purple dye, you have to get one blue dye and one red dye and then mix them in a crafting grid or in the inventory. The final output would be that the 2 colors will turn into 2 purple dyes.

How to get blue dye in Minecraft?

You can choose to get blue dye either from cornflowers or if you want you can unlock blue dye from Lapis Lazuli. If you want to find Lapis Lazuli, then it can be a little bit of a challenge as these are Lapis Lazuli ore blocks that only spawn and are found in the lowest layer.

However, the best part of finding Lapis Lazuli is that each block will provide you with 4 to 9 purple dyes. On the other hand, if you are looking for cornflowers, then you can get them in bones, such as meadows, flower forests, sunflower plains, and regular plains. So, you have to prepare a 1:1 ratio of Blue dye by using the crafting grid. So, put some Lapis Lazuli or cornflowers and mix them.

How can you get red dye in Minecraft?

There are multiple resources from where you can get the red dye. The most common way to get this vibrant color is to get it from items like poppy, red tulip, rose bush, and beetroot.

You can find a poppy in different biomes such as plains, sunflower plains, birch forests, forests, dark forests, flower forests, and meadows. For each poppy, you will get one red dye. 

If you are looking for red tulips, then you can find them in similar biomes such as the ones where the poppy can be found, sunflower plains, birch forests, forests, dark forests, etc. For one red tulip, you will be provided with one red dye.

If you want to use the rosebush, then you can find it in biomes, such as forests, birch forests, flower forests, and dark forests. Moreover, for each rose you will get 2 Red dyes.

You can go through the village farms where there is a 10% chance of getting beetroots. These are actually hard to find and one beetroot will provide you with one red dye.

Which flower can provide you with purple dye in Minecraft?

To prepare purple dye you can use purple orchid or Jungle flower as a core ingredient. 

How can you use the purple dye in Minecraft?

If you want to use the purple dye, then you can put them in the portal rooms which will enhance the visual experience. Also, it is connected with some kind of magic in Minecraft and is mostly related to enchanting.  

If we look at its visual impact, then the old textures used to look particularly purple with a hint of blue and pink tone which are mixed in rationally. However, if we consider a new surface, then it has a more vibrant vibe and a more striking tonality.

Overall, you must remember that it is quite rare to find purple dye in the natural settings of Minecraft. However, its usage makes it a highly desirable color, so you must learn the exact locations and process of getting a purple dye block. 

Where can you use the purple dye in Minecraft?

If you want to change the color of mobs, then with purple dye you can do it easily without the need of crafting any other dye. If you want to turn the wool of the sheep into purple, then you can use purple dye. Also, if you want to change the color of the collar that belongs to the tamed cat and wolf to purple then you can use this dye.

What are the items that can be crafted with purple dye in Minecraft?

Every dye has some kind of speciality and so does the purple variety. You can use the purple dye in color changing crafting recipes. So, let’s have a look at what these purple dyes are meant for:

  • If you want to make purple beds, then you can combine regular beds with purple dye.
  • If you want to make purple candles, then also you can combine purple dyes with candles.
  • You can also use the purple dye to make purple particle effects while creating fireworks. 
  • If you are trying to make purple concrete powder, then mix the purple dye with concrete powder.
  • Combining a glass box with purple dye can provide you with a purple dyed glass box.
  • Also, if you combine glass panes with purple dye, then it will create purple dyed glass panes.
  • You can also create purple terracotta by mixing purple dye with regular terracottas.
  • Lastly, combining purple dye with wool blocks creates purple wool.
  • Are you trying to create purple shulker boxes? Then, combine shulker boxes with purple dye.

What are the other alternatives to getting the purple dye in Minecraft?

Other than combining red and blue dye in the crafting grid or inventory, you can also get purple dye from wandering traders and exchange emeralds to get the purple dye. So, if you are trying to get purple dye without any crafting method or without collecting them from natural resources, then wander traders are the best bet. 

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