Can You Use a TV as a Computer Monitor? [Quick Methods to Learn]

Yes, you can use a TV as a computer, but you have to set it up accurately so that you do not face any glitches while using it as a monitor. You need to get a recent model TV, plug it into your HDMI port of the system, go through the graphics capabilities, and you can use it as a computer monitor. After a successful connection, you can enjoy any basic work or gaming session without any parts replacement.

Let’s walk you through how to build a connection to use a TV as a computer monitor

How to use a TV as a computer monitor?

You can connect your computer to the best available TV input to use it as a computer monitor. Your TV might have got a range of ports, starting from HDMI to VGA USB DVI, and the best one is to use the HDMI cable. But, if your computer has only a USB C port, then you can use a converter cable.

Select an input on the screen that would support your new computer input. Now, go through the settings after you hook up the new display. You will find the home screen on the desktop, and you can start with minor adjustments. Go to Start > Menu > Settings > System Display.

In the Display Settings, you can adjust the blue light filtering, brightness, scale, size settings, and orientation. You can also exchange your display by selecting the appropriate option so that you can use the TV as a second monitor, Select Extend your display. You can also mirror the screen of the laptop on the monitor that you are using as a computer monitor.

Can you use the TV as a second monitor?

Yes, you can use the TV as a second monitor, which works as the additional display for the current one. Instead of mirroring the display, here you have to choose the option for extending it. This will allow you to expand the workspace and also increase productivity. 

In the case of an extended monitor, the second monitor will not display the same as the first one, but on one, you can work on the Word Document, while on the other, you can browse or research any topic.

How to use a TV as a second monitor?

To use the TV as a second monitor, you have to make changes in the Settings. So, go to Start > Settings > System display, and you will find a Screen Setting dialogue box will appear. Select New Display to mirror the primary monitor and display it. Otherwise, you can also get the option to select Extend the display.

Now, you have to select the location of the new monitor – either left, right, top, or bottom of the primary monitor. These settings will help you to move the courses seamlessly from one screen to the next. Moreover, you can also maintain the right direction by stating the position of the TV/second monitor.

What are the factors to consider when using your TV as a computer monitor?

You must know that a TV and a computer monitor are designed differently. They have different visual quality, speeds, and focus. The latest TV models might not be an ideal match for computer monitors, but you can still use them to enhance your productivity.

However, to proceed, you need to choose a relevant system that would help you with your daily work as well as support playing games. So, here are the factors you must consider universally when attaching your TV as a computer monitor.

Pixel density 

Pixel density is the measure of the number of pictures per inch on the computer screen. So, the greater the pixel density, the better-quality picture you will experience. The largest screen size has the greater pixel density. So, you need to perceive how would this picture quality remain the same.

However, you must not get confused with screen resolution. Along with this, you also need to plan where you are going to sit while accessing the screen. The closer you sit to the screen, the more reduced pixel density will notice.

TV refresh rate 

How many times a TV monitor refreshes the images every second is termed as the TV refresh rate. So, the faster the TV refresh rate, the smoother images you will get. Thus, for more transitions in images on the screen, for a better image or a clear view, you need a higher refresh rate. You will get a television screen with a 60 Hz to 120 Hz refresh rate, and this would be better for gaming as well as for other general tasks.

Response time

The monitor needs to switch the pixel, i.e., from one color to the next, and this duration is known as response time. If the response time is higher, then you will get clear images during any fast-motion video games. Television screens usually have rich color and also distinct contrast. You can also view pictures from different angles. Thus, it has a slow response time as all this detailing requires time. 

For example, a TV with 60 Hz has a 16.67 ms response time. On the other hand, a 120 Hz house gaming TV has an 8.33 ms response time. So, if you are going to do general tasks, then response time wouldn’t matter while you are plugging in the TV as a computer monitor.

Input lag

Every display takes some time to respond, and this time is known as input lag. You need to check the movement of the cursor and the typing speed of the keyboard to determine the input lag. So, try to avoid bad input lag while browsing by selecting monitors with input lag lower than 20 ms. However, the advantage is that the latest models of TV also have a Gaming mode or PC mode, which you can turn enable through Settings and is known for reducing lag inputs.

Color compression

You must have heard of Croma subsampling which is the process of compressing the size of an image. If your TV has 4:2:0 Croma subsampling, then you might notice that the texts appear to be smudged. 

So, before you switch to using a TV as a computer minotaur, you must check that your TV has 4:4:4:4 Croma subsampling or at least 4:4:2:2 Croma subsampling. This would make the inferior image quality negligible, and you can also read the text properly.

Color accuracy

TV takes a longer time to process the response time, which makes movies and videos look good on screen. However, the colors might appear inappropriate in TVs So, if you are considering the monitor for anything other than pictures or videos, then the display must have Color Accurate feature. 

What are the brands of TV that you can use as a monitor?

There are many famous brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung, and Hisense who manufacture the best quality TVs, and you can be used as a computer monitor.

Which one would be better for a computer – monitor or TV?

If you are looking forward to features like -the best screen response and refresh rates, then you must go for a monitor, whereas if you want to manage certain basic work and clarity and editing doesn’t matter at all, then you can go for a TV.

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