How to Easily Underclock Your AMD or Nvidia GPU? (Step by Step)

If you want to reduce your electricity bill or preserve your GPU, then you can try to downclock or underclock your AMD or Nvidia graphics card. Without messing it up, let’s get to know the easy steps that will help you to underclock your GPU with the use of MSI Afterburner software. This will also help you to acquire control of your hardware and get a better performance from your computer for a long time.

Let’s get to know the benefits of underclocking of GPU and also the step-by-step process so that you can do it right.

Can you underclock the GPU?

Yes, you can download the GPU even if everybody else is overclocking to increase the performance; you can certainly underclock the GPU safely.

What does underclocking GPU mean?

Underclocking the graphics card means you are reducing the clock rate. Thus, it will slow down the core processors, and tasks like computation will also have a reduced speed rate.

It is always recommended to proceed with underclocking only if you use the computer for browsing the net or for mild gaming purposes. So, if you are not willing to use the GPU to its 100%, then you can enhance the GPU’s longevity by underclocking it. This not only helps you to reduce your electricity bill, as underclocking the GPU consumes less power, but it also decreases the temperature of the graphics. 

As you already know, with the rising TDPs of new components, heat dissipation during computation will increase if you underclock the graphics card. Also, if you live in a hot climatic region or during warm seasons, the temperature can rise abruptly. Here, the heat is controlled by underclocking the GPU system. 

It will also assist you in case you cannot clean the system on an everyday basis or have a limited cooling system or a not-optimized airflow space.

What are the benefits of underclocking the GPU?

By underclocking the GPU, you get plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Lower power consumption – Reducing the clock speed will lead to running the hardware at a slow pace, which means less consumption of power.
  • Cooling GPU – When the hardware is running at a low speed, the graphics card will not reach maximum temperature, and that will result in heat dissipation.
  • Silent fan – When the temperature is low, the fans do not make much noise. Also, the GPU fan would not turn on until and unless there is a load or rising temperature. So. you get a quieter environment to work in.
  • Increase lifespan – As the graphics card is not working under pressure, it will preserve the hardware and increase its longevity.

How to underclock your AMD or Nvidia GPU using MSI Afterburner software?

Here is the step-by-step process that you need to follow:

Step 1: Download the MSI Afterburner software 

Go to the official website and download the MSI Afterburner software, which will help you to underclock the GPU. You find that after downloading the software, it will get saved on your system in a Zip file format. Run the .exe installation file to complete the process.

Step 2: Install the software

During the installation process, a window might appear repeatedly, asking you whether you want to proceed with the changes. Select “Yes”, and the installer will appear. Next, select your language and click on OK to proceed. While configuring the software, you need to agree to the terms of the agreement, so click Next.

Step 3: Run the software

You can also choose the components that you want to add. Again, click on Next, and you need to define the installation location, and finally, click on Install. By following the on-screen instructions, install the software on your Windows system when you reach the setup. When the installation is done, launch the MSI Afterburner software. 

Step 4: Detect the GPU

Wait for a few seconds, and the software will be able to detect the graphics card that you want to adjust automatically. In the software interface, you will find the option Lower The Core Clock meter or Underclock the Core Clock meter. Usually, the option is present at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Adjust the GPU setting

You also get the option to adjust the Memory clock for the same. So, underclock the GPU to a certain extent, and when you are done with the changes, click the Apply button. Now, the system will override the adjustments that were made. Next, choose your preferred profile slot number and save the adjustments. Finally, the AMD or Nvidia GPU will be underclocked.

This process is quite helpful if you want to make quick adjustments or multiple configurations based on the work you do.

How to underclock your AMD or Nvidia GPU using NZXT CAM?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to underclock AMD or Nvidia GPU:

Step 1: Download the NZXT CAM app

Go to the official website of NZXT CAM and download the application. It is quite similar to MSI Afterburner, and you have to select the file location where it will be downloaded. You will find a Zip format, click on it to run the extension and install the app.

Step 2: Install the NZXT CAM app

The installation process is called easy as you don’t have to do anything; rather, sit back and wait for the process to complete automatically. When it is done, open the software, sign up, or log in, or you can also continue in Guest Mode to access the features.

Step 3: Underclock the GPU

Now, on the left-hand side, you will find a tab named Overclocking Settings, where you will find two options for Clock Speed and Memory Clock Speed. Usually, by default, it is 0 Mhz. Based on your preference, you need to adjust the level and reduce the speed. Click on the Apply button to save the changes, and finally, wait for the GPU to get underclocked.

How to underclock your AMD or Nvidia GPU using ASUS GPU Tweak III?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to underclock the GPU using the ASUS GPU Tweak III:

Step 1: Download the ASUS GPU Tweak III

Go to the ASUS GPU Tweak III page and download the application on your Windows system. On the driver and utility page, we have to select the OS and click on Download. Now, get to the location of the downloaded file and double-click it to continue with the installation process. You simply have to click on the Install button and follow the on-screen instructions through the installation wizard.

Step 2: Underclock the GPU

Now, restart the system, and you will find the ASUS GPU Tweak III has been installed successfully on the system. Click on the app, and you will find the clock section in the middle, where you have to reduce the GPU Clock Speed and Memory Clock Speed. The level of reduction should be based on your preferred requirement or limitation. Finally, have to click on

Apply, and the GPU will be underclocked.

Is Underclocking and Undervolting the same for GPU?

No, both are different processes, and the results are also different. Underclocking means you are reducing the clock speed of the graphics card, whereas Undervolting means you are reducing the amount of power the GPU usually consumes. When you apply both these processes at the same time, it works to reduce the amount of electricity. However, Undervolting is not always recommended as it can lead to an unstable GPU, and also underclocking is only applied when there is a severe need to extend the longevity of the hardware.

Does Underclocking reduce the FPS?

When you underclock the GPU or CPU, it reduces the frames per second, and it is very much noticeable during gameplay. You get to choose either a highly stable system that is cool and does not overheat or a system with high frame rates. Now, based on the game that you are playing, you will notice the number of frames that are dropped. When you underclock the GPU, you can expect the lost frames to match the percentage drop, such as 5%. So, it is always recommended to hold the frame rates to 50 to 60 per second to experience fluid gameplay.

Do you void the warranty during the Underclocking GPU?

Yes, if you underclock the GPU, you are going to void the warranty, as it is meant to extend the lifespan of the hardware. On the other hand, undervolting is a standard option that you get in the GPU software. For any settings that are not present in the GPU software and you have to download a third-party software to make the changes, is definitely going to void the warranty.

What is the cost of underclocking a GPU?

There is no monetary cost when you are underclocking a GPU, as you can get the software that would help you to underclock a GPU for free. Also, even if there is a drop in frame rate, it does not affect the cost of the GPU.

How does underclocking affect the gaming experience in AMD and Nvidia GPU?

When you are underclocking, it basically reduces the performance, and many video games that demand high frame rates suffer. You may notice that few games that require GPU-intensive operation either lag or crash. If you underclock the GPU, it will still give the same amount of electricity to your computer, but the GPU is going to use less, and it will not get overloaded.

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