How To Connect JBL Speaker To iPhone? [Easy Steps 2023]

To connect the JBL speaker to iPhone you have to press the Power button on the JBL speaker and wait for the LED light to turn solid white. Now, press the Bluetooth button to enable the pairing mode. You might notice the Bluetooth light blinking. Next, go to your iPhone, navigate to Settings, and tap on the Bluetooth option to toggle On the switch. Go to the other device section and look for the JBL speaker name that you want to connect. Tap on the name, and within a few seconds, both devices will get paired. The Bluetooth light on the speaker will stop blinking, indicating that the speaker is ready to play music and finally play your favorite track.

You can connect the JBL speaker to your iPhone either via wireless mode or wired mode, so let’s walk through the step-by-step process to help you connect the JBL speaker to your iPhone.

Connect the JBL speaker to iPhone via Bluetooth 

Let’s get to know about the step-by-step process to connect a JBL Bluetooth speaker to iPhone, irrespective of any model.

Step 1: Enable the Bluetooth of the speaker

Turn on the turn on the speaker by pressing down the power button you will find that the white light starts blinking and then becomes stable. Next, you have to press the Bluetooth button to enable the pairing mode. Now, the Bluetooth button will start flashing a blue light. Usually, the color of the light differs from one model to another when it enters the pairing mode. 

Step 2: Enable the pairing mode on your iPhone 

Go to the Home screen of your iPhone and tap the Settings icon. Now, locate the Bluetooth option, tap on it, and toggle on the Bluetooth button. Next, go to the other devices list and look for the JBL speaker that you want to connect. Tap on the speaker name and select the Connect option. The iPhone will automatically get connected to the JBL speaker within a few seconds.

Step 3: Establish a proper connection

After your iPhone gets connected to the JBL speaker and the blinking light on the speaker will get stable. Now, you can play any downloaded music from your iPhone or stream through the music service app to test the connection. The sound will come through the JBL speaker, and you will get a good listening experience.


If the JBL speaker fails to connect, then the speaker might be facing a problem, or the iPhone might have encountered a software glitch. So, you have to reset the JBL speaker as well as the iPhone and again try to connect them.

If you have previously connected the speaker to your iPhone, as soon as you press the Bluetooth button of the speaker, it will automatically get connected, provided that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone. All you have to do is press and hold down the Bluetooth button of the speaker for at least 3 seconds, and both devices will get connected. You will get a notification in the form of a blinking light. If it gets stable, then this indicates that the connection has been successful.

Often, you might also hear a guitar strum after you press the power button or the Bluetooth button of the JBL speaker, along with the light indications. These indications tend to differ from one JBL speaker model to the next.

Connect the JBL speaker and your iPhone via a wired connection

The JBL Bluetooth speaker usually provides you with two ways of connectivity: wireless and wired to connect the speaker to your iPhone. You need a 3.5 mm AUX port on both devices or a headphone jack to proceed. Also, check the compatibility of the speaker and the iPhone, before you proceed through the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Plug in the AUX cable

You have to take a 3.5 mm AUX cable and plug one end into the speaker and the other end into the iPhone. Both these devices have a physical port for the AUX cable. Often, you might not find a separate port for Bluetooth connection, but rather the port for charging is used as an alternative for connecting the device.

Step 2: Turn on the speaker and iPhone 

If you are interested in playing music through the JBL speaker, then you have to turn on both the speaker as well as the iPhone. Now, check whether the connection has been established by playing any music from your iPhone.

Why is the sound not audible in JBL speakers?

If you cannot hear any sound after connecting the iPhone to the JBL speaker, you need to turn up the volume of the speaker as well as your iPhone. Also, you can try to reset the speaker and the iPhone to fix the error. Moreover, while you are buying the cable, make sure that it is compatible with both the speaker and the iPhone. Also, look out for damaged portions of the cable, as only a good-condition working AUX cable can help to connect your JBL speaker to the iPhone. 

Why is the JBL speaker name not showing in the device list on iPhone?

If the JBL speaker is not showing on the device list of the iPhone, then it indicates that it has not entered the pairing mode. So, check the blinking light on the speaker, it is a clear indication that the pairing mode is enabled. If the blinking light is missing, then you can try to reset the speaker or turn off and turn on the Bluetooth iPhone and try to connect again to go forward with the connection.

Can you connect multiple JBL speakers with the same iPhone?

Yes, if the JBL speaker has a JBL Connect feature, then you can connect more than one JBL speaker with the iPhone. You can play audio from a single source through this method.

Can you connect all JBL speakers to your iPhone?

Yes, all JBL speakers are compatible with iPhones and every other device that has Bluetooth connectivity features.

Why is the phone unable to locate the JBL speaker?

If the speaker is placed 30 feet away from the iPhone, which is out of Bluetooth range, then the devices won’t be able to pair, or your iPhone won’t be able to find the speaker There are also chances that the devices will just get disconnected randomly.

How to reset the JBL speaker?

To reset the JBL speaker, you have to press and hold on to the power button for at least 2 to 3 seconds and wait for the LED light to blink and then become steady. Next, press the volume up and Play/Pause buttons together for another 60 seconds. Now, the LED light will start blinking and automatically fade away. The speaker would also turn off and turn on automatically. Remember, leave the Volume up and the Play/Pause button as soon as the speaker turns off. You might also hear guitar strum sounds indicating that the reset has been completed. 

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