iMac Pro i7 4K Review 2024: Is It Worth the Hype? (Our Honest Review)

Thinking of buying a new desktop PC might in the future? You could find your ideal computer in the iMac Pro i7 4k. Learn all about its specs and characteristics by reading this review. Do you think this machine is for you? I say, “Let’s find out!”

The iMac Pro i7 4K is a sleek, all-in-one computing solution. It has a powerful processor, graphics, and multimedia capabilities. It also supports four Thunderbolt 3 ports and a 4K display. This review will discuss the features, specs, and performance of the iMac Pro.

I will discuss processing power, graphics capabilities, memory storage, connectivity ports, and display options. The pros and cons of investing in this machine will also be listed. Mac has kept up with technology and made sure the iMac Pro has privileges that appeal to professional and casual users.

iMac Pro i7 4k Specifications

Model Apple iMac (A2116)
Brand Apple
Grade A
Processor 3.2GHz 6-core Intel Core i7 (8th Generation), Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz
Display 4096x2304P, 21.5-inch Retina 4k display with IPS technology
Hard Drive 512 SSD
Graphics Card AMD Radeon Pro 560X – 4GB GDDR5 memory or AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20 – 4GB HBM2 VRAM
OS macOS X
Memory 16GB or 32GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory
Flash Memory Capacity 256GB
Hard Drive Interface ATA
Storage Type SSD
Storage Size 1TB
Wireless AirPost Extreme (802.11ac) wireless card
Ports 1 Secure Digital (SDXC) slot, 1 Ethernet port, 2 Thunderbolts 3 (USB-C) ports, and 4 USB 3.0 ports
Camera Built-in 1080p FaceTime HD Camera
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
Weight 21.5 pounds
Warranty 1 Year
Release Year 2019

To learn more about these features, simply visit Apple’s official website.

iMac Pro i7 4k Price

iMac Pro i7 is not a very budget-friendly system. The iMac Pro i7 4K will cost you around $1299 to $1499, depending on the configuration. You must have noticed that the price is higher than other computers with the same configuration.

Mac Pro i7 4k Design

The significant bezels remain unaltered, including the substantial lower bezel that houses the prominent Apple logo. The rear of the iMac i7 features a sturdy silver aluminum shell and a sleek black Apple logo. The frontal appearance of the iMac i7 persists in similarity to its predecessor.

The height of the stand is unalterable, yet the frame can be tilted upward and downward by approximately 35 degrees and 5 degrees, correspondingly. It measures 20.8 x 17.7 x 6.9 inches and weighs 12.3 pounds, resembling the 2014 iMac 21.5.

iMac Pro i7 4k Display

iMac Pro i7 Retina Display

The iMac Pro i7 4K is equipped with a 21.5-inch Retina 4K exhibit showcasing a resolution of 4096×2304 and bolstering a colossal number of 1 billion colors. The display boasts a brightness value of 500 nits, offering a wide color (P3) technology that results in a more vivacious and precise color experience. The display, thereby, proves to be exemplary for photo and video editing purposes and serves as a great medium for viewing movies and TV shows.

iMac Pro i7 4k Processor

iMac Pro i7 4k Processor
Credit: The Mac Observer

Even though the Apple iMac Pro i7 4k is the most advanced desktop computer the company makes, it is made with average-income people in mind.

The Intel Core i7 processors are quick and powerful. If you get the Core i7 processor, the iMac Pro i7 will feel powerful. By default, the processor runs at 3.2 GHz, but the turbo boost feature lets you speed it up to 4.6 GHz.

The most valuable parts of the iMac Pro i7 4k desktop computers are the processors and graphics cards. These are high-efficiency memory cards from the 2bd generation. The 21.5-inch retina display also comes with the GPU module, which makes 3D workflows, game development, graphics simulations, and video editing harder.

iMac Pro i7 4k Connectivity

The iMac Pro also has a lot of ports. To be exact, the desktop has 1 Kensington lock slot, 1 secure digital SDXC slot, 1 RJ45 Ethernet Connector, 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports (that support /USB 2), and 1 earphone port.

iMac Pro i7 4k Magic Mouse And Keyboard

Magic Mouse And Keyboard
Credit: Apple Insider

When you buy an iMac Pro i7 4K, you also get the Magic Mouse 2 and the Magic Keyboard. The Magic Mouse 2 is a wireless mouse with a surface that can be touched more than once. This lets you move your hand to move around your computer. It came out in 2015 from Apple. The Magic Keyboard is a portable keyboard that fits into a small space and is easy to use. The Magic Keyboard is another name for it.

Software And Warranty 

The iMac Pro i7 4k comes with macOS, which is the most advanced desktop operating system in the world. macOS Big Sur introduces a bold new design and major updates to apps, taking macOS to a new level of power and beauty. The iMac Pro i7 4k also comes with a one-year limited warranty and 90 days of complimentary technical support.

iMac Pro i7 4k Graphics Card

AMD Radeon Vega graphics

Certainly! The Radeon Pro 555X in the iMac Pro i7 4k has 2GB of dedicated GDDR5 video RAM. In graphics-intensive activities like video editing, 3D modeling, and gameplay, provides stunning visuals. The Polaris architecture upon which this graphics card is built allows for efficient and powerful graphics rendering.

The iMac Pro i7 4k can be upgraded to a Radeon Pro Vega 20 graphics processor with 4GB of HBM2 memory for those who require even more robust graphics. The processing speed of this card is up to 80% quicker than that of a regular Radeon Pro 555X. Professionals who regularly use 3D rendering, VR, or any other graphics-intensive program will benefit greatly from this high-powered graphics card.

Audio, Video, And Camera

The binaural speakers and microphone on the iMac Pro i7 4k deliver crystal-clear sound for online meetings and movies. The built-in monitor can show millions of colors (21.5 inches) or one billion colors (4K), and the FaceTime HD camera supports a wide range of video resolutions and color formats for use with external displays. The in-built camera can be used for video chatting, filming, or snapping pictures.

The iMac Pro’s 4k video capabilities are equally remarkable. The computer can handle one 5120×2880 (5K) external display at 60 fps with support for 1 billion colors, in addition to the complete native resolution on the internal display. Additionally, the iMac Pro i7 4k is proficient in propelling not only one but two external monitors at either 3840×2160 (4K UHD) at 60Hz with a backing of 1 billion hues or two 4096×2304 (4K) at 60Hz with a backing of millions of hues.


There are two storage configurations available for the iMac Pro i7 4k: a 256GB SSD and a configurable 1TB Fusion Drive. Due to its faster read and write speeds, the 256GB SSD is optimal for users who require quick data access.

1TB Fusion Drive, conversely, is a hybridized storage solution that amalgamates the virtues of a conventional hard drive and an SSD. This renders it an exceptional alternative for end-users who necessitate a larger capacity of storage space, yet still, yearn for the rapidity of an SSD.

Fortunately, both storage options can be tailored to the user’s specific requirements. In fact, users who require even more storage space can configure their iMac Pro i7 4k with up to 2TB of SSD storage.

Pros And Cons of The Mac Pro i7 4k


  • High-quality Retina 4K display with wide color support.
  • Impressive processing power with quad-core Intel Core i3 or 6-core Intel Core i7 processors.
  • Fast storage options with a 256GB SSD or configurable 1TB Fusion Drive.
  • Excellent audio, video, and camera features.
  • Multiple connectivity options with Thunderbolt 3 and USB ports.
  • Comes with a Magic Mouse and Keyboard.
  • macOS is a powerful and user-friendly operating system.


  • Expensive compared to other desktop computers on the market.
  • Limited upgradability options.
  • Huge bezels.

What’s Missing in the iMac Pro i7 4k 2022 Model?

The iMac Pro i7 4k 2022 model is a powerful all-in-one desktop computer that boasts impressive specifications, including a 4k display, but it’s missing Touch Display. However, even the most demanding users may find something missing from this model – a standalone graphics card. Without this component, users may not be able to run certain graphics-intensive programs or games at their full potential. Another drawback is the lack of USB-A connectivity, which could pose compatibility issues with older peripherals. While Thunderbolt 3 ports are available, this is not as fast as the newer Thunderbolt 4 ports. One other notable absence is a built-in card reader, which could inconvenience users who frequently transfer files from SD cards or other memory cards. Overall, while the iMac Pro i7 4k 2022 model is an impressive machine, potential buyers should carefully consider these missing features before making a purchase.

21.5-inch 4K iMac Vs. 27-inch 5K iMac

When comparing the 21.5-inch 4K iMac and the 27-inch 5K iMac, there are clear differences. The 27-inch model boasts a retina 5k display with an exceptional resolution of 5120 x 2880, making it one of the strongest displays on the market. Meanwhile, the 21.5-inch model offers a still impressive 4K retina display but falls short of the 5K display’s power. Additionally, the 27-inch iMac is also available in an iMac Pro model, which boasts an i7 processor and even more advanced specs than the standard 27-inch model. If you’re looking for a powerful machine, consider checking out the iMac Pro i7 4k review. Ultimately, your personal preference will determine the better choice for you. If you prioritize a larger screen and the most advanced display technology, then the 27-inch 5K iMac is for you. But if you prefer something more compact or don’t require the most powerful display, the 21.5-inch iMac 4K might be a better fit.

Is There a New iMac Coming In 2023?

At this point, it is hard to predict whether there will be a new iMac coming in 2023. However, if there is, it may come with a 27-inch retina 5k display and 32GB of RAM for optimal performance. The current iMac Pro already provides the necessary features for tasks such as video editing, but a new model may surpass it with even more powerful specifications. The iMac Pro comes with an i7 4k processor and a 5k display with a resolution of 5120 x 2880. The retina display uses individual pixels for sharper colors and crisper text. Apple products are known for their durability and longevity, so whether a new iMac comes or not, current models still provide reliable performance. Nevertheless, if a new model does come in 2023, it has the potential to be the most powerful iMac ever made.

How Does the New iMac Pro i7 4k Compare to the MacBook Pro?

The iMac Pro 4k is the most powerful and high-end desktop computer from Apple. With its 21.5-inch Retina Display, it offers a breathtaking Full HD 4K resolution for detailed visuals. The i7 4k processor will provide top performance and make editing applications like Final Cut Pro X run smoothly, making this computer ideal for video editors and animators. Other features of the iMac Pro include SSD storage capacity, Thunderbolt 3 ports for connectivity with other devices, faster speeds to access data at high speed, and an AMD Radeon Pro 560X graphics card for enhanced gaming performance. The MacBook Pro 14-inch 2023 on the other hand is designed to be the fastest laptop that you can take anywhere with battery life to back it up. It features Apple’s M2 Pro and M2 Max chips which make it hands-down the world’s fastest 14-inch laptop.


So, the big question is whether the iMac Pro i7 4k is worth buying. It all comes down to personal preferences. While certain individuals may harbor aversions towards the Apple interface, others might find the iMac’s elevated price point to be a major deterrent, particularly if their daily computing needs are not particularly intensive. However, should you happen to work in the fields of video editing or music production, this particular desktop certainly warrants your consideration. As a matter of fact, one would be hard-pressed to locate a superior configuration at a comparable price, let alone the unparalleled dependability of Apple’s hardware.

The iMac Pro i7 4k, an exemplary and impressive desktop computer of unbridled power and rich in attributes, is an indispensable asset to professionals whose undertakings necessitate tools that possess the highest degree of performance, particularly in the realm of content creation and video editing. The computer boasts of an exceptional Retina 4K display, a processing power that is second to none, and expeditious storage options, rendering it an unrivaled device capable of handling even the most intricate of tasks with utmost ease.


  1. Does The iMac Pro Have a 4k Monitor?

    Yes, iMac Pro has a 4k display variant.

  2. Is the iMac Pro i7 Worth The Price?

    I would say yes because the iMac Pro is offering some of the best processor and GPU options at this price range.

  3. What is The Price of The iMac Pro i7 4k?

    You will get it for around $1299 to $1499.

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