7 Best Laptops for Music Production Under $1000 in 2023

A reliable, fast laptop is essential for music production. A reliable laptop is essential for all aspects of the creative process, including rendering, mixing, and editing. If you are in search of the Best Laptop for Music Production Under $1000 below are the best 7 laptops for you.

It’s not easy to find the Best Laptop for Music Production Under $1000. There are a lot of laptops available. There’s also the dilemma of deciding which set of specifications to give more importance.

We have created a buying guide to highlight laptops that we think you should consider. We also included factors to consider when buying a laptop for music production. Know more detailed information about Best Laptop for Music Production Under $1000.

Key considerations When purchasing a Laptop for Music Production

Because there are so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right device for you. It’s not enough to search for exceptional audio, powerful speakers, and noise-reduction technologies.

Is it better to get a new gaming laptop than a replacement for your current desktop? What is the importance of the processor? How much power do we need? These are the essential requirements that you can’t live without.

  • Powerful CPU for all your hard work

A powerful CPU is the first and most important criterion. It can run heavy-duty applications and still play your music without any problems. The best Laptop for Music Production will require a lot of processing power to add effects and incorporate new plug-ins.

The processor handles all of the tasks, including loading a new MIDI device and sampling new tracks. You should look for an Intel Core i5 processor or higher, but you also have the option to search for an AMD equivalent.

  • Large RAM

The RAM is another important factor. How smooth your playback is will depend on how much RAM you have. Although 8GB is the minimum, it is better to have 16GB in case you need to work with many audio files.

  • Stock your music files with storage

When choosing the best device, it is important to consider how much storage you have. The best choice is a solid-state drive, which allows for fast data transfer and speed up file loading.

You should be able to get a 512GB SSD, or more. An SSD can be combined with a hard drive. Read more about Best Laptop for Music Production Under $1000.

  • Portability and buildability

Modern professionals must be mobile and not be confined to their workstations. A lightweight laptop (3-5 lbs is the ideal size) that is portable, durable, and has a long-lasting, rechargeable battery is essential.

Multiple USB ports, particularly Thunderbolt 3 and 4, allow for rapid data transfer. They also let you connect external displays or peripherals.

These are just a few of the reasons why bright displays are important. QHD and QHD+ monitors will give you a clear view of the sound and how it works together. This is exactly what editors and creators need to see.

It is important to note that although a rapid refresh rate is not essential, it is a good option for multimedia content creators who are also avid gamers.

7 Best-Valued Laptops for Music Production Under $1000

Apple MacBook Air  2020 Laptop

Apple MacBook Air 2020 Laptop

  • Apple M1 Chip
  • 13” Retina Display
  • 8GB RAM
Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Laptop

Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Laptop

  • Apple M1 Chip
  • 13-inch Retina display
  • 8GB RAM
Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5

  • 10th Generation Intel Core i5-10300H Processor
  • 15″ Full HD Widescreen IPS
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
ASUS TUF Dash 15 (2021) 

ASUS TUF Dash 15 (2021) 

  • Intel Core i7-11370H processor
  • 15.6”
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
ASUS TUF Gaming F17

ASUS TUF Gaming F17

  • Quad-core Intel Core 15-10300H Processor
  • 17.3” Full HD (1920×1080) IPS-Type display
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
HP Pavilion 17.3"

HP Pavilion 17.3″

  • 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7(up to 4.2 GHz)
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 17.3 inch
Lenovo IdeaPad 5

Lenovo IdeaPad 5

  • 15.6″ FHD IPS Touchscreen Laptop
  • 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7
  • 12GB RAM

Apple MacBook Air 2020

71vFKBpKakL. AC SL1500

Best Valued Laptop

  • Apple M1 Chip
  • 13” Retina Display
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD Storage
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • FaceTime HD Camera
  • Touch ID

The MacBook Air with Intel processor looked outdated, had inferior TN panels, and was far less powerful than its predecessors for many years. Apple solved the first two problems with the MacBook Air in 2020 and introduced the M1 chip.

m1 chip features
Image: Apple

Apple was able to remove the fan completely from the chassis due to its low-voltage ARM nature. This resulted in a silent laptop that is extremely capable of high performance.

For as low as $999 you can get a laptop that can speed past your daily tasks and be used for productivity. Although it isn’t cheap, it could be a bestseller.

Design and Construction:

Apple delivered a high-quality product and stood by its word. It’s made from aluminum unibody with a unique design. It measures only 4.1mm at its thinnest point – the front – while it is 16.1mm high at its thickest.

The MacBook Air (Late 2020), weighs in at 1.29kg. It is stylish but also very strong. The thin profile of the laptop means that there is virtually no chassis movement.

The lid can be opened with one hand. The hinges are extremely smooth and enable this. You will also find very thin bezels along the sides of your display. The bottom holds the name of your device and the top houses the HD cam with its LED that shows you when an app uses it. A glass cover protects the panel.


The MacBook Air is similar to the Pro model in that it comes with two Thunderbolt 3 connectors as well as an audio jack. Although this is easier to swallow because it’s not a Pro-branded product it’s still too small for easy use with accessories.

Display quality

Apple MacBook Air (late 2020) features a 13.3″ (33.8 cm) diagonal display and a resolution of 2560x 1600. The screen ratio is 16 to 10, the pixel density is 227 PPI, and their pitch is 0.11 x 0.11mm. When viewed from a distance of at least 38 cm, the screen can be called Retina. However, an average human eye cannot see individual pixels.


The pre-installed macOS Big Sur version comes with the MacBook Air. All updates are automatically performed and you can control when and how they will be done from the OS. The Rosetta 2 is the most important feature in the software that this device comes with.

This software allows you to run x86 applications on your ARM processor. This is precisely what makes the MacBooks with M1 chips so special. It provides nearly full support for all Intel-based macOS applications.


The battery of 49.9Wh lasts 24 hours and 20 mins of Web browsing, 13 hour and 20-minute video playback, 4 hours and 13 seconds of continuous video rendering, and for 13 hours and 20 more minutes of video replay. Check out more about Best Laptop for Music Production Under $1000.


  • Keyboard Quality
  • Battery life is long
  • Sleek design
  • Mindblowing Performance
  • Multiple Storage Options


  • Limited port
  • Wi-Fi 6 support is not available
  • Not available SD card, USB A slot
  • No Touch bar

Apple MacBook Pro 2020

Best Pro Laptop

  • Apple M1 Chip
  • 13-inch LED-backlit Retina display
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD Storage
  • 8-core GPU
  • 8-core CPU
  • 16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning

2020 13 inches MacBook Pro will be the last Apple laptop to receive its new keyboard. This eliminates many issues and improves the current design.

This machine is the one we reviewed, but the two and four-port machines share the exact same design. The screen, keyboard, and trackpad are all the same, so processing power and connectivity are not the distinguishing factors. Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip delivers outrageous performance. The 8-core CPU delivers up to 2.8x faster performance and the 8-core GPU with up to 5x faster graphics for graphics-intensive apps and games.

Apple has maintained the design of the MacBook Pro’s laptops almost unchanged since 2016 when the Touch Bar was launched. 2020 13in MacBook Pro measures the same height as the previous model but is 0.7mm thicker than the original and 30g heavier to fit the new keyboard. So it weighs around 3.0 pounds (1.4 kg). This compromise was well worth it.

Its 13.3 screen remains one of the best on the market. It is bright and beautiful and covers a wider range of colors than other screens. Despite competition from higher resolution screens with thinner bezels, it’s still crisp enough.


The Magic Keyboard is Apple’s new name for the scissor-switch mechanism, which replaces the problem-prone butterfly keyboard. It is the same keyboard that the MacBook Air, 16in MacBook Pro, and it works just as well here.

Long battery life and power

It is roughly 15% faster than its predecessor and the two-port machine that uses older chips. Benchmarks show it to be about 15% faster than the earlier generation. It was able to handle complex image editing tasks in Affinity Photo and some 4K video editing, as well as general computing with ease.

Only one power feature is missing: a dedicated graphics card. This is reserved for Apple’s top 16in models, but it comes with a substantial portability penalty when compared to the 13in the model.

The laptop was extremely cool. The laptop was silent while editing photos. It could only be heard when it was connected to power. This is not something that can be said for all machines. This is the machine for you if you are looking for a quiet, powerful machine.

It provides up to 20hrs of battery life which is the highest among all laptops in the world.

The 13in MacBook Pro comes with a powerful 61W USBC charger. It charges up to 70% in less than an hour, and then fully charges up in just 50 minutes.


You can rest assured that your data is safe with the security features included in the MacBook Pro. The Touch ID fingerprint scanner is hidden in the power button to allow for secure logins.

Secure Enclave software also includes data encryption, hardware-verified secured boot, automatic high-performance encryption, and runtime protection.


  • Battery life up to 20hrs
  • Amazing performance
  • Can run iOS apps
  • Magic Keyboard is great


  • Design is the same
  • Ports are still lacking

Acer Nitro 5

81Z8NvO2TFL. AC SL1500

Multimedia, Gaming Laptop

  • 10th Generation Intel Core i5-10300H Processor (Up to 4.5GHz)
  • 15″ Full HD Widescreen IPS LED-backlit 144Hz Refresh Display | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Graphics with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM
  • 8GB DDR4 2933MHz Memory | 256GB NVMe SSD (2 x PCIe M.2 Slots – 1 Slot Open for Easy Upgrades) & 1 – Available Hard Drive Bay
  • LAN: Killer Ethernet E2600 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN | Wireless: Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6 AX201 802.11ax
  • Backlit Keyboard | Acer CoolBoost Technology with Twin Fans and Quad Exhaust Ports Design

The latest entry in the best gaming notebooks category is the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-555-59KS. It’s the company’s latest offering and meets all your gaming needs. The Nitro 5 was designed for budget-minded gamers and offers more options for cheap laptops that can play PC games.


The Acer Nitro 5 leaves a lot to be desired in terms of looks and feel. It doesn’t have to be boring, but it has some great features.

We like the minimalist look of the gamer, which includes red trims on the trackpad, keyboard, backlight, and trackpad, as well as the upper bar. The display hinges are strong and secure and there are plenty of ports.

The Acer Nitro 5 design is nothing special. For example, the screen lid is made from cheap plastic. The area around the keyboard track attracts fingerprints like crazy.

There is almost one inch of bezels around the screen. The latest USB 3.2 Type C is available, as well as another USB 3.2 Gen 2 (with charge-off), two USB 3.0, one HDMI 2.0, and an Ethernet port.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard is another reason why most people buy Acer’s Nitro 5s. It’s not anything special; the symbols are in red and the backlight is in red. The WASD keys have red emboldening. Overall, it’s just your typical, middle-0f-the-road keyboard. It is, however, very comfortable and reliable.

The keyboard is responsive and fast, so you won’t feel any lags or missed presses. The trackpad is very stiff and has a lot of travel. We expected better from this trackpad, even though they are not recommended for gaming laptops, particularly in PC gaming that uses them for FPS, RPG, and action games.

Battery Life

Surprisingly, Acer Nitro 5’s battery is longer lasting than most budget gaming laptops. Gaming laptops are known for having poor battery life. We were surprised to see this guy crank out 4 hours 13 minutes at 50% brightness.

This is due partly to the more energy-efficient 10th-generation processors and the less bright display that doesn’t use much battery and it’s one of the Best Laptop for Music Production Under $1000.


  • Gaming performance at a reasonable price
  • Battery life is amazing
  • Attractive black and red design


  • Thick display bezel
  • Speakers produce painful sound at high volume

ASUS TUF Dash 15 (2021) 

Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti 4GB GDDR6 up to 1585MHz at 60W (75W with Dynamic Boost 2.0)
  • Intel Core i7-11370H processor (12M Cache, up to 4.8GHz)
  • 15.6” 144Hz IPS-Type Full HD (1920×1080) display with adaptive sync
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM | 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD | Backlit Precision Gaming Keyboard
  • 0.8” thin, 4.4 lbs ultraportable form-factor
  • Comes with Windows 10 Home and a FREE upgrade to Windows 11 (when available1)

Gaming laptops, such as the Asus TUF Dash 15, which offer mid-range performance in a small and lightweight package, are more expensive than traditional gaming laptops. You will spend a lot more if you need a laptop that can run AAA PC games at high settings, and you want to take it with you in a backpack.

Asus’ TUF516PE -AB73 is a stunning gaming device that comes at a great price.


To ensure that the Asus TUF 15 is a TUF product, you must do a double-take when opening it. Asus’ TUF line of gaming laptops and accessories is aimed at a low-budget audience who want the best bang for their buck.

These products are utilitarian in both design and performance. The TUF516PE–AB73 is a great example of this. The laptop measures just 0.8 inches in thickness and weighs only 4.5 lbs. This is a very thin laptop for gaming. The keyboard deck and lid are both made from aluminum in a gorgeous gray colorway.

This ensures that the laptop doesn’t lose its rigidity to make it portable. You won’t get a unibody, but the bottom is made from plastic. This is something that is reserved for more expensive devices.

TUF Dash 15 offers a plethora of ports, including two USB-A ports to the left. On the left side, you’ll find Thunderbolt 4 and Thunderbolt 4 ports, as well as Ethernet, Thunderbolt 4, and Ethernet. There is also a dedicated charging port. The Dash TUF can now be charged via USB-C. However, it does not charge fast.


This FullHD panel is paired with an RTX 3050Ti and has a 144hz refresh speed. The screen has a peak brightness of 265 nits, and an average of 110% of the sRGB spectrum. It is bright enough to be used for single-player hits.

Although the bezels around the display are not the thinnest, they aren’t thick enough to interfere with your gaming experience. We can’t help but wonder how Asus could not fit a webcam into the top bezel. It’s thick enough but would be one of those cost-saving measures to reduce the Asus TUF Dash 15 price.

Keyboard & Touchpad

Overall, Asus keyboards are good. The Dash TUF keyboard is not exceptional. The keyboard is comfortable to use and has plenty of key travel considering its thin build.

Although the keys are spaced well, we would have liked different lighting. The price is a compromise as it doesn’t include RGB lighting. You get teal backlighting instead. This isn’t the most appealing color, and it looks even worse around WASD keys which are clear.

It’s great that the keyboard has some dedicated keys that can be used for real purposes. You can adjust volume without having to awkwardly straddle the Fn and function keys. There is also a dedicated mic mute and one that opens Asus Armoury Crate software.

The trackpad is fine. The trackpad is large enough to make gestures with and the clicking mechanism works well enough. However, if you want to use your laptop as a gaming machine, you should get a gaming mouse.

Battery life

The Asus TUF516PEAB73 laptop is even more powerful, offering close to 10 hours of battery life and a more powerful GPU. It also has a faster 144Ghz display.

This laptop is capable of completing a full day of work without any problems. It is also a big plus to be able to take the laptop to work, regardless of how heavy it is.


  • Battery life is long
  • Super thin and light
  • Strong gaming performance
  • There are many ports


  • There is no webcam
  • McAfee antivirus bloatware comes preinstalled
  • Low-powered Nvidia RTX 3070
  • Quad-core processor shows their limits in demanding applications

ASUS TUF Gaming F17

91P7uBC9DML. AC SL1500

Gaming and Multimedia Laptop

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6 Graphics up to 1585MHz at 80W TGP.
  • Quad-core Intel Core 15-10300H Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.5 GHz, 4 cores)
  • 144Hz17.3” Full HD (1920×1080) IPS-Type display
  • 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD | 8GB DDR4 2933MHz RAM
  • Durable MIL-STD-810H military standard construction
  • Comes with Windows 10 Home and a FREE upgrade to Windows 11

The Asus TUF Gaming X17 FX706LI ES53 gaming laptop is a great choice for those who want to enjoy PC games on a small, friendly 17-inch screen at a reasonable price. The Asus TUF Gaming F17 is a versatile machine that casual gamers can rely on, with its gamer-centric design and affordable price.

The Asus TUF Gaming F17 is based on a 17-inch screen with an IPS panel that can reach a refresh rate of up to 144Hz. However, it doesn’t have enough power to use all of this output.

Most games will run well at low-to-medium video settings. Pro-gamers, however, will have a hard time running AAA titles at high video settings.

Design of Asus TUF Gaming – F17

First, notice the TUF FX706LI ES53’s wideness – it measures 15.71 inches. This width allows for ample room to accommodate a full-sized keyboard and 17.3-inch display. It’s actually not very thick at 0.99 inches when closed. This is great for those who value portability. It measures 10.59 inches from the top to bottom.

While most TUFs have a metal chassis, this one is made of plastic. Asus had to make compromises in order to provide good performance at this price. Some sections have a rough texture, with lines and design angles.

This makes them feel more professional than a plain sheet of plastic. It’s likely the lightweight of the machine, which weighs 5.73 pounds, that makes it so small and one of the Best Laptops for Music Production Under $1000.

Display and ports

TUF Gaming F17’s screen measures 17.3 inches and has a refresh rate 144Hz at a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The screen is bright and vibrant from the moment it’s turned on. The videos, photos, and games all look great.

The screen will be muted quickly if you view it from the wrong direction. It covers approximately 45% of DCI-P3’s color gamut and produces up to 284 nits brightness.

The laptop has all ports on its sides and none on its back. Although the power cable plugs into the left side of the laptop, a rear port for power or Ethernet would be more convenient.

On the left is an Ethernet port, power port, Ethernet port, and two USB Type-A ports (G-Sync support).

Keyboard and touchpad

The large chassis footprint allows for full-size keyboards that look sleek and responsive. However, the keys do not have tactile feedback. The keyboard doesn’t include media keys and can be accessed via an FN key for most other functions. All keys have RGB LEDs, with the exception of the WASD keys which have clear keycaps.

It measures 4.2 inches by 2.4 inches. The touchpad responds well with two-finger scrolling, zooming, but gaming will require a dedicated mouse. We like the left/right buttons. To make buttons that are clearly defined, you can use three components instead of one for the touchpad and buttons.

Battery Life

TUF Gaming F17’s battery lasts only an hour and 48 minutes when surfing the internet continuously at 150 nits brightness. This is a significant drop in comparison to its immediate rivals. The MSI Pulse GL66 runs for 3:17, while the Acer Predator Helios 300 lasts for 5:18.


  • Multimedia on large screens is a great idea
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price


  • Battery life is very short

HP Pavilion 17.3″

71GpmCe7wjL. AC SL1361

Newest Laptop 2022

  • 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7(up to 4.2 GHz)
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB PCIe SSD
  • Wi-Fi 5
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Windows 11

HP Pavilion laptop is powered by an Intel Quad-Core i5-1135G7 processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics which provides super performance for the laptop. The Hard Drive of this 2022 model laptop has been upgraded to a 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive to provide efficient faster bootup and data transfer. 

This standard quality laptop is based on Windows 11 Home 64-bit Operating System which ensures your multitasking activities with high productivity. It sports a 17.3″ diagonal, FHD, IPS, anti-glare display to ensure an immersive viewing experience.

HP Pavilion Laptop offers Backlit Keyboard with Numeric Keypad which ensures great convenience for executing work using this featured keyboard.  Moreover, the multi-format SD media card reader gives you the additional advantage to perform your task with this device. 

On this laptop, you can get enough memory so that you can download a sufficient amount of audio, video, photos, documents, etc. In terms of connectivity, the HP Pavilion offers powerful connectivity of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 combo. You don’t have to worry about slow internet, and you can continue your work on this laptop for longer. 


  • Intel Turbo Boost Technology
  • 720p HD camera with built-in digital dual-array microphone 
  • Large screen that provides more viewing pleasure 
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM delivers superior performance.
  • 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD is blazing fast.


  • Heavy laptop
  • Battery backup is not so good

Lenovo IdeaPad 5

31WGszI5j9L. AC

Student, Communication, Business

  • 15.6″ FHD IPS Touchscreen Laptop
  • 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7
  • 12GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Windows 10

Lenovo IdeaPad comes with an upgraded configuration that is capable of meeting all your requirements. The manufacturer has designed this laptop with some user-friendly unique features and specifications to ease your various categories of office or business activities.

The laptop is developed with the 11th generation Intel Evo Platform 4-core i7-1165G7 Processor for effective data transfer. The classy design of this laptop enhances the beauty of your internet. 

Touchscreen IPS Anti-Glare FHD 300 Nits display delivers high-quality pictures, giving you an immersive viewing experience of movies or music on this laptop.

 The advanced 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD allows you to download your important documents in one place. IdeaPad 5 laptops offer 16GB DDR4 RAM storage to maximize your content downloading. It is advanced multitasking and fast-processing laptop which helps you to carry out your gaming activities smoothly. 

You can execute your video-editing applications seamlessly on this premium laptop with its many programmable features. In addition, it supports your effective data access. In addition, the Dolby audio system ensures the quality of sound of this device. This laptop does not generate much heat while running the laptop. 


  • Backlit keyboard with numeric keypad 
  • Integrated 720p webcam with privacy shutter 
  • Manufactured with advanced technology equipped with 3-cell 57WH lithium-polymer battery 
  • Integrated Intel Iris XE Graphics with shared video memory


  • Low screen contrast
  • The touchpad could have been better


It can be hard to find the right laptop for music production. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should buy the most expensive laptop. These laptops can help you get started in your search and some of them cost less than $1,000.

Decide how much money you can afford to buy a laptop. Next, decide what operating system and DAW you want to use. Also, ensure that your laptop has sufficient RAM, disk space, processing power, and storage capacity.

It’s easier than ever to produce music now that you can bring your work along with you when you travel. This article will help you make an informed decision about the best laptop to support your music. So, this concludes our topic on Best Laptop for Music Production Under $1000.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which laptop is best for music production?

    A tablet is a good option for those on a tight budget. Although it is not capable of running the most powerful DAWs on Android, the Lenovo yoga book can be used for songwriting and multitasking. The 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD provide ample storage and memory to support basic audio production. This laptop is a great option for beginners, despite its low price.

  2. Can I use any laptop to create music?

    All laptops that we recommend should have at least a Dual-core processor. This is sufficient to meet the minimum requirements for most music production software. Quad-core processors, however, the Best Laptop for Music Production Under $1000 are more powerful.

  3. Which laptops are used by music producers?

    There are many types of music production laptops. It doesn't matter if you are creating your own music or remixing others, the best computer for you is crucial. Your music-making experience will be enhanced by a laptop that has a powerful DAW and an audio interface of high quality.

  4. 8GB RAM is enough to produce music?

    8GB is enough for most music production. If you need to create realistic acoustic instruments, 16 or 32GB is a good choice.

  5. What type of processor is required for music production?

    A quad-core processor is the best for music production. Clock speed is another measure. It typically runs between 2.4 and 4.2 GHz. The faster, the better. A smaller laptop usually has a faster processor.

  6. Do I require a discrete GPU to produce music?

    You don't necessarily need it for podcasting and basic music production. A dedicated GPU is recommended for professional music production tools such as Apple Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. It will provide smooth performance.

  7. Is it possible to use Music Production laptops for DJing?

    Yes, the Laptop for Music Production can be used for DJing. If you are carrying the computer machine around more frequently, I think you should be mindful of portability.

  8. What specs of laptops are best for music production?

    Display: Screens 13 inches or larger
    Quad-Core I7 Processor
    RAM: 8GB DDR4
    Storage of minimum 5ooGB SSD
    Ports: USB-C and/or USB 3.1 ports

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