Acer Monitor No Signal: Fixed with Simple Steps (2023)

Acer monitor no signal indicates that the monitor is unable to establish a popular connection. There are many other reasons why you might see a “No signal” message on the monitor. 

If the monitor is on, but the computer cables are loosely connected, if there are multiple inputs and you have selected the wrong one for the computer, if the computer is in Hibernate mode, the resolution exceeds maximum resolution support, also if the cables are damaged or frayed – then Acer monitor no Signal can occur.

When you connect the monitor to the computer, then it automatically tries to detect the monitor and send your signal of a successful connection. But, if it fails, then no signal message appears, and you need to find the right solution to fix the issue.

Let’s get to the troubleshooting steps that can fix the issue.

How to fix Acer monitor no signal issue?

If you have connected the cables to the wrong port, then no signal message can appear. To fix it, you need to double-check the connectivity of the cables. Try to unplug the cables from the monitor, the computer as well as the power outlet. Wait for a few seconds and then plug it back again to the correct sources. Also, if you have multiple inputs, then you must be very careful while you are connecting the video cable.

Remember to check whether the cables are damaged, as frayed cables can lead to electrical accidents. So, always go for certified cables that can establish a proper connection between the computer and the Acer monitor.

Perform Factory Reset on Acer

For an Acer monitor, factory resetting will restore the factory settings for the monitor. So, you need to connect an external monitor and turn on the computer. Wait while the system is loading. Press Win + P. This will open Easy Display Switcher. From the list of options, you need to choose Computer Only. Now, turn off the computer and disconnect it from the external monitor and wait for the process to complete. When the PC starts, you will see that the connection has been restored.

How to update the graphics driver? 

Before you update the graphics driver, check whether the graphic card is firmly seated into the slot. To verify the case, you need to unplug the cables and Power off the Acer monitor and computer. Open the case and check the graphics card. You can also remove the card and then insert it firmly and accurately. Now, reconnect the power cables of the monitor and the PC. Finally, press the Power button for at least 30 seconds and wait for the PC to turn on.

Now, if the graphics driver is incompatible or faulty, then the Acer monitor won’t get any signal. To fix it, you need to get the latest updates of the graphics driver. So, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the updated version of the driver. Do check the computer model, system version, and video card model, and now install the driver. Finally, verify whether you can view anything on the display.

Check the power supply for the motherboard and GPU

If the motherboard is not getting enough power, then this problem can occur. So, you need to look for the GPU cooling fan. If the fan is not spinning, then you need to replace it immediately.

However, if the fan is spinning, then you need to check the PSU supply for power. If it supplies low power, then the GPU will not function properly, and you may get a message “No signal”, on the monitor. You can also verify whether the PSU is supplying enough power by using the PSU calculator.

How to Reset CMOS/BIOS?

You will find CMOS on the motherboard, where all the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) settings are stored. On the other hand, BIOS helps to identify hardware but can also generate minor glitches from time to time.

Thus, you need to reset CMOS/BIOS, and this will lead to the default configuration. To solve the No single problem – Turn off and unplug the computer, look for the battery, and for that, you need to remove the computer cover. You will find the battery is connected to the border by a holder or wire. Remove the battery and wait for 10 minutes and reconnect it. Now, put the cover back in its proper place, plug the computer cable into the power outlet, and turn on the computer. This should fix all minor to major glitches on the Acer monitor.

How to adjust the refresh rate and resolution?

Acer monitor no signal can also occur if the computer display settings are set to a higher refresh rate or resolution. So, you need to adjust the rate by checking the present monitor resolution and refresh rate number. Reset the Monitor settings by going to Menu > Settings > Reset.

Go to computer display settings and make changes in the resolution and refresh rate. It should be compatible with your monitor. But, if the resolution and refresh rate is already set, then reduce the numbers and check whether it makes any difference.

However, if the problem does not resolve, then you need to change the numbers back to their previous state so that it does not interfere with the no signal problem.

Test whether the monitor is broken or not 

If you get a ‘No signal’ message, then there is a possibility that the monitor is broken. So, try to connect the monitor to another computer and check whether it works. Always make sure that the connection is established successfully. You can also try different input cables. If you are using HDMI, then go for VGA. Also, check if the settings have been configured correctly.

Now, there are two possibilities – if the monitor is working fine with another computer, then you need to check the monitor for any glitches. Otherwise, if the monitor still displays “No signal”, then you must contact customer support.

Is the PC in Sleep Mode?

If you have turned on Sleep Mode, then the PC won’t receive any signal, and it will display a “No signal” message. If the computer is already on, then you need to press any key on the keyboard, and this will wake up the PC. Otherwise, you can also move the mouse to disable the Sleep mode, but before that, always check whether the PC is connected to the cable and the power is on.

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