What To Do With A Broken Monitor? (Answered)

If you have accidentally broken the monitor, then it can be an overwhelming situation as well as a great loss. But, instead of grieving about the incident you can try to upcycle and turn the broken monitor into something new.

You can use the broken monitor as a photography lighting. Be it an LCD, LED, or any other kind of monitor, these contain semi-permanent sheets which are also called Diffusers. These components help to spread the light which is projected by backlights. The idea is to cover the display evenly. It acts similarly to the diffusion panels that a photographer uses. You don’t have to spend any money on connecting the diffuser to the power source. So, it becomes reusable every time you are trying to click a photograph. Moreover, this is an affordable and easy idea, and you can easily use it for videography and live streaming as well.l

There are many other DIY ways through which you can use the broken monitor. Let’s check them out.

1. Using the broken monitor as a smart mirror

Is the LCD smart monitor broken? Then, you can use it as a mirror. Basically, if you are quite fascinated with science fiction novels that show smart mirrors and then you can use your broken monitor for something similar.

So, if you are using a smart mirror you can check the news, go through the weather forecast and even shop for your favorite outfit. However, using the monitor as any other smart mirror totally depends on the condition of the monitor.

2. Using the broken monitor as a Bluetooth speakers 

Today the world is going gaga about wireless speakers, but they are also quite expensive. However, you can also create a Bluetooth speaker from a broken monitor. All you need is soldering iron, batteries, and a Bluetooth model to recreate a Bluetooth speaker. You can build DIY Bluetooth speakers using the broken monitor speakers where the speakers are inbuilt within the monitor. The method is quite simple and you have to fix the right connection for the speakers to work.

3. Using the broken monitor as a drawing or crafting light 

If you are very much involved with drawing, crafts, and art, then you must have a good source of light. Either you can use light tables or a broken monitor to provide you with the backlight for the artwork. In this case, you don’t have to buy a specialized light table. Depending on the intensity of damage to the monitor, you need to be sure that the backlight is still functional so that you can use the broken monitor as a light table and accomplish your artistic activity.

4. Use the broken monitor as a cinema projector

You must remember the overhead projectors which were used in schools and something similar can be created with a broken monitor. You can create a component of the overhead projector and it will also be cause effective. While you are using an overhead projector light is flashed through a semi-transparent sheet and this gets reflected through the lens and the set of mirrors.

Thus, whenever you project light on the sheet, it will appear on the wall, where the projector is pointing. So, you can turn the monitor into a transparent LCD and make a static projector. However, to make this work properly, you need a dark room, and closed curtains and the end result comes without much investment. The added benefit is that you can create your own home theater by using the broken monitor.

5. Use the broken monitor to create a transparent LCD screen

You must not know but the pixel panel inside the monitor is basically transparent, so it makes the process easier for the backlight to shine through and those images can get displayed on the screen easily. Thus, with a broken monitor, you can create your own transparent LCD screen. You can also use the broken speakers, backlight, or other components of the monitor. 

Now, with the transparent LCD, you can attach it to the fish tank where you can use the light inside as the backlight. You can also attach the monitor inside a window to use natural light as the backlight.

6. Use the flat-screen broken monitor as a coffee table

You can purchase IKEA table legs and screw them into the broken monitor screen. This will create an excellent and stylish coffee table. Moreover, you can also use proper wiring and LED lights that are powered by batteries to create a futuristic coffee table. You simply have to glue the lighting pattern to the coffee table screen to create a high-end drawing room item.

Can you fix a broken monitor?

Based on the intensity of damage a broken monitor can be either repaired or replaced. If the monitor gets damaged, you need to consult with professionals to help you with the repair work.

Does a broken monitor have any value?

No, a broken monitor does not hold any value. So, you either have to give it for recycling or you can apply DIY hacks to create something interesting out of the broken monitor.

Why is it necessary to replace a broken screen?

If you find that the monitor screen has broken, then you must replace it immediately. Otherwise, you might face visual obstructions, strain on your eyesight, and accumulation of dust and oil on the screen. You might even cut your finger on the sharp edges of the broken glass of the monitor. There will also be a lot of wastage of time, while you are trying hard to read the screen. Thus, replacing the broken screen can help you to enjoy the visual display.

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