SCUF Reflex Pro Controller Review: Is It Worth the Price?

If you are a gamer and looking for additional functionality when it comes to a controller that can be easily paired with the console, then the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller can be your best bet. It is a PS5 controller with remappable paddles and a great color scheme and is designed to provide you with a high-performance grip. 

With this controller, you can easily replace Sony’s DualSense. Reflex is available at a price of $219.99, and if you go for the variants for the standard smooth backing, then you can save $19.99.

So, before you buy the product, let’s get to know what makes this expensive option a must-buy option today.

What’s in the Box?

  • SCUF Reflex Pro Controller
  • 6 ft/2m USB-C cable
  • Black universal cable
  • 4 additional thumbsticks


  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.17 x 2.6″
  • Weight: 200  grams
  • Ports: USB-C, 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack
  • Thumbstick Layout: Symmetrical
  • Wireless Range: Up to 45 feet
  • Warranty: 1 year

Design & Features

Are you looking forward to playing a first-person shooter on your PS5? Then, the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller would be the perfect gaming partner for you. It has an expensive gaming pad that adds instant grip and also removes modulations, vibrations, and adaptive triggers. Talking about the design, the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller is a customizable DualSense Controller. It is a sleek black variant with a red combination of D-pad buttons, bumpers, twin sticks, and triggers that have black muted face buttons.

There are 15 colors to choose from, and you can customize and pick different colors for different elements, such as faceplates, triggers, and touchpad buttons. You can also wrap specially designed themes around the entire pad and choose from 20 different options. After you turn down the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller, you can understand the differences. You will find four remappable paddles on the rear that have a dedicated profile selection. The interesting fact is that these modules do not have much weight, and the PS5 controller is around 200 grams.


If you are into heavy or intense gaming sessions for longer periods, then the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller would be quite suitable and also provide you with an enjoyable experience. It comes with DualSense, which perfectly fits in your hand. So, you have more control while you are going through intensive sessions or action-heavy titles such as My Friend Pedro. The biggest selling point of the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller is the remarkable paddles, which are proving to be a game changer. These are meant to improve the standby game when you are playing games in career mode. 

So, you can play games using the index and middle finger. You get to fit your play style, and so you can control the scheme of the game. You would find remappable paddles on the back and swappable stick caps. It also comes with adjustable trigger stops and replaceable stick modules.

Manual Programming 

You get three control profiles with the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller, which is operated through a button present in the rear bump switches. This usually glows red, blue, and green to indicate the mode that is powered on. In the profile features, you can preset FPS games, Sports games, and Racing games. However, you also get the option to manually reprogram any paddles for any mode and also set your own profile. 

While reprogramming, you need to hold the profile button until it starts blinking. Next, press the paddle you are mapping and also the button that you want to activate to know that there is no customization of software available. Thus, you need to go through mapping, tweaking, and resetting the entire set manually. Also, you cannot adjust the sensitive curves, as this feature is not available on DualSense.

What are the pros and cons of the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller?

Understanding the pros and cons will help you go through a comparison before you buy the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller.


  • SCUF Reflex Pro Controller has a perfect color combination and excellent built quality.
  • You also get a vast array of options to choose from, and it is also customizable.
  • It comes with remappable paddles and provides an excellent way to keep your hands exactly where they should be.


  • You won’t like the battery life, and it can run between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the usage.
  • It may seen to be expensive when considered in terms of minor improvements.

Is the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller worth buying?

Yes, the SCUF Reflex Pro Controller is worth buying, owing to its paddles and the comfort that it provides. It helps you place an extra grip on the backside of the controller through any intense gaming session. At a price tag of $219.99, you are going to get a worthy PS5 controller for everyday use.

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