Intel K vs KF vs F – This Explains Everything You Need to Know

While looking for an Intel processor, you might find several options such as K, KF, and F. Now, you must be confused about which one to choose for high-end performance. Basically, there is a huge difference between each of these Intel processor series, and the meaning lies hidden in the alphabet. 

If you find K written on the Intel processor, then it means this processor is able to overclock and has been unlocked. If you find F written on Intel,  then it means there is no iGPU or integrated graphics. Finally, if the processor shows KF series, then it indicates that these can be overclocked but lacks iGPU, integrated graphics. 

Usually, KF Intel series are cheaper than K and F Intel processors. So, if you are still confused and need to make an informed decision, then let’s compare on the basis of how these processors perform, the clock speed, and the number of cores each series has.

What is an Intel K processor?

Here, the alphabet K denotes that the chip has been unlocked and can be overclocked as well. So, from the single chip, you get more output, or it can provide you with a power-packed performance. But, you also need a motherboard that is compatible with this format and also has a liquid cooling system. Otherwise, when the temperature rises beyond the danger level, then it can burn the wires of the motherboard. Also, when you are overclocking the processor, you must configure the BIOS settings of the computer.

It is always advised that you must always go for the Intel K series if you need to overclock the computer. Otherwise, you can switch to any other processor variant. K series processors are also higher on the price because of their features compared to other processors.

What is an Intel KF processor?

The Intel KF processes are basically a variant of the K processor but lack integrated graphics, iGPU. Also, these are quite cheap to buy, and you also need to invest in a dedicated graphics card to work along with it so that you can get proper video output. It is always advised to use a compatible dedicated graphics card with the Intel KF processor so that you do not face any issues with the performance or output.

Usually, the desktop consumes a lot of power while using the graphics card, which leads to higher temperatures. Even though you can overclock the Intel KF series, the rising temperature might affect the performance of the graphics card directly. So, it is advised if you are using an Intel KF processor, along with the dedicated graphics card, then you must also disable functions like QuickSync and try not to raise the temperature of the CPU beyond the danger range.

What is an Intel F processor?

The Intel F processor series allows you to enhance daily performance with a multiplier locked KF processor without the availability of an integrated graphics card. So, there is no iGPU, and you have to link a dedicated graphics card to continue with creating content. This Intel series processor allows you to set the course at a higher frequency, and by adjusting the BCLK settings, you can enhance or boost the performance.

However, before you proceed, you must get to know the system and the working process of the processor very thoroughly. Otherwise, it can lead to system corruption. Usually, Intel F processors have a low base clock and have the same boost clock as the KF series.

Where can you detect the F, KF, and K alphabets on the processor?

You will find a suffix at the end of the regular Intel processor, which is called the product lines of the processor. These suffixes or alphabets denote the nature of the function and are marked as F, KF, K, etc.

What is the primary difference between K, KF, and F suffixes?

The three variances of internal processors, K, KF, and F, can be differentiated based on four factors:


The K variant of the Intel processor and the KF variant can be overclocked. But, the F Intel variant cannot be overclocked.

Graphics card 

The K suffix has an integrated graphics card, whereas the KF and F have no integrated graphics card. So, you need to spend money to get a dedicated graphics card for better output.


The Intel K processor series has the highest performing ability, followed by Intel KF, and then finally, the Intel F variant with the least performing capability.


The Intel K suffix is the most expensive Intel processor, followed by KF, and finally, the F series is the least expensive Intel processor

Which Intel processor should you use for gaming?

Both the K series and KF series have identical clock speed, core count, and also other features, except that the KF has no graphics card (iGPU). So, if you can add a dedicated graphics card, you can use both of these series for gaming. 

The Intel K series is much more reliable because when the dedicated GPU expires, the integrated graphics card comes in handy. On the other hand, if your dedicated graphics card on the KF CPU expires, then you have to wait till you get a new GPU. Also, the Intel K series has a higher cost when compared to Intel KF.

The bonus side is that – Both Intel K and KF processors can handle computational and gaming requirements, and you need to make a choice based on your budget and necessity. 

Which Intel CPUs have no marking?

You can also find Intel regular CPUs with no marking. Now, these processors that lack a suffix indicating that this is a standard CPU, and you cannot overlock it with iGPU and have a balanced performance review.

Which is the cheapest Intel processor series?

You already know that Intel sells processors with different series and variants. K is the most expensive, which is followed by the KF model, and then comes the regular processors. Now, the F series Intel processors are also quite cheap, but they do not have any overclock feature and also do not have any integrated graphics.

Why is there a huge price difference between the K, KF, and F Intel variants?

There is a huge price difference between the KF, K, and F Intel variants because of the integrated graphics card (iGPU). Intel K has an integrated graphics card, whereas Intel F and Intel KF do not have an integrated graphics card, making it cheaper.

Which is the fastest Intel processor?

The latest core i9 13900 KF is the fastest Intel processor ever made and also the fastest in the market. It provides you with a max turbo frequency starting from 5.8 GHz, which is the standard edition in this series.

Which is the weakest Intel processor?

The weakest Intel process is Celerons and is not recommended for everyday work. But, if you are looking for an upgrade and improved variant, then you can go for Pentium Gold by spending just a few bucks.

Which is faster – Intel or AMD?

Both these processors have different features in terms of performance, power consumption, price, and architecture. If you are looking for value for money, then the AMD processor is the one providing you with improved efficiency. However, if you are looking for higher performance, then the Intel processor is the one that helps in gaming and content creation.

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