Do GPUs Come With Power Cables? (Answered)

No, GPUs typically do not come with power cables. They are instead included with your power supply unit (PSU).

Here’s a breakdown of powering your GPU and the cables involved:

How to Correctly Connect and Power a GPU

There are two main aspects to consider when connecting and powering your GPU:

  • Using appropriate power connectors: Different GPUs require different amounts of power, and therefore, have different power connector configurations. These connectors are typically 6-pin, 8-pin, or the newer 12-pin connector. It’s crucial to use the correct connector for your specific GPU to ensure it receives enough power and functions properly. Using the wrong connector can damage your GPU or PSU.
  • Avoiding the use of adapters or splitters: While adapters and splitters exist to connect mismatched power connectors, their use is generally discouraged. They can introduce instability or safety concerns, especially when dealing with high-powered components like GPUs. It’s always recommended to use the correct cables designed for your PSU and GPU.

Types of GPU Power Connectors

The most common types of GPU power connectors are:

  • 6-pin connector: This older connector is less common today but is still found on some low-powered GPUs.
  • 8-pin connector: This is the most common type of connector used by modern GPUs.
  • 12-pin connector: This is a newer connector designed for high-powered next-generation GPUs.

What Happens If GPU is Underpowered?

If your GPU doesn’t receive enough power, it can lead to several issues:

  • Performance instability: The GPU might experience crashes, freezes, or stuttering during use.
  • Reduced performance: The GPU might not be able to reach its full performance potential.
  • Artifacts: Visual glitches or distortions might appear on your screen.

In severe cases, an underpowered GPU could even damage itself or other components in your system.

Does PSU Come With Cables?

Most PSUs, especially modular ones, come with the necessary cables to connect your GPU, including the PCIe power connectors. However, it’s always a good idea to check your PSU’s manual or specifications to confirm which cables are included.

Do All Graphics Cards Have Power Connectors?

While very rare, some low-powered graphics cards, especially those designed for pre-built systems, might not require a separate power connector and can draw power solely from the PCI-Express slot on the motherboard.

What Power Cord Goes into the GPU?

The power cord that goes into the GPU is a PCIe power cable. It connects from the PSU to the dedicated power connector(s) on your graphics card.

Are CPU and GPU Power Cables The Same?

No, CPU and GPU power cables are not the same. They have different pin configurations and are designed to deliver different amounts of power. Using a CPU power cable for your GPU can damage your components.

By understanding these points, you can ensure your GPU receives the proper power it needs to function correctly and avoid any potential issues.

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