Exclusive: Dave Lang Breaks Silence on Rumbleverse Return Plans

When Dave Lang of Iron Galaxy appeared on The Jeff Gerstmann Show, he discussed about the shutdown case of Rumbleverse, which was basically a free-to-play battle royale game. This wrestling-themed battle royale brawler game was released on 11th August 2022. However, due to an unsatisfactory situation, the developers had to shut it down.

At present, Iron Galaxy, the owner of the IP of the Rumbleverse, is planning to bring back this game as soon as possible with a new format and concept. Dave Lang also mentioned that their prime focus is to try out different things and to find a new home for it.

About Rumbleverse

Rumbleverse, basically a multiplayer superhero battle royale from the house of Epic Games, was shut down a few months back in 2023. To be clear about the facts, the Rumbleverse, a superhero battle royale from Epic Game and Iron Galaxy, was shut down after 7 months in operation on 28 February 2023.

At first, it began with great hype, but it failed to hold on to the impression, and so it became a no-sell option. The presentation was not good and so the gamers were not attracted to the Rumbleverse. The company had to decide to shut it down after a major failure.

However, recently, there has been a rumor that Runbleverse is going to come back in a new form. According to Adam Boyes, the CEO of Rumbleverse, the team is not planning to re-launch the game, as it will be time-consuming and also too difficult to handle the situation. They also mentioned that they failed to provide the game a graceful exit and it unexpectedly only lasted for two seasons.

To hook the gamers to Rumbleverse, the company also tried to let out free battle passes to the users and even issued refunds to the players later on for the ones who had spent money on the battle passes.

What was the objective of the Rumbleverse game?

Rumbleverse had deep mental mind games and one of the most refreshing battle royale game genres. Here, the player has to combat the sensibility of a fighting game along with the last person standing objective of a battle royale.

What was the age limit of playing Rumbleverse?

The age limit for playing Rumbleverse was at least 13 years, in most of the country or residence. Otherwise, a legal guardian or parent has to provide consent for the use of the game.

What are the minimum settings required for playing Rumbleverse?

To play the Rumbleverse game, the minimum settings that you would PC must have is an AMD FX-8350 or Intel Core i5-3470 CPU. Based on the graphics card, you can also choose between AMD Radeon HD 7790 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti graphics card. Along with this, you also need 6 GB of RAM and 7 GB of free storage for installation and processing of the game. Most importantly, you need a Windows 10 operating system to play the Rumbleverse game.

But, at present, it is time to look at the new concept and implement a new project. And, this statement has great significance in stating that Rumbleverse is going to experience a fresh start with new access and mechanics.

Why had Rumbleverse failed to gain attention?

Rumbleverse was indeed a great third-person melee-based Battle Royale game that had a positive launch and was also nominated for 2 DICE awards. Among them, one was in the category of Fighting Game of the Year, and the other was Online Game of the Year. However, even with a good amount of field player count it was unable to keep its position or compete with other epic games such as Apex Legend.

But, based on the franchise, Rumbleverse is going to return back with a new and different concept, which we are all looking forward to. At present, its main aim is to create new experiences and compete with other competitive games in the same genre.

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