Are Curved Monitors Good for Gaming? Find Out Now!

Curved monitors have both advantages and disadvantages for gaming. So, based on your requirement, you need to decide whether you should invest in a curved or flat monitor.

Curved monitors came in 2014 and have gained impressive attention since then. The main difference is the curvature of the curve monitor when compared to a flat monitor. This provides an advantage over the monitors that lack proper curves. 

You can get a curved monitor for 24 inches, or you can choose to buy 32 inches and beyond. In a small monitor, the experience might also get reduced as the screen size reduces. This has been considered to be better for the eyes as all the images are kept at equidistant from the eyes. So, your eyes have to do less work to adjust to the images at a distance. Also, if you are prone to frequent headaches, then using a curved monitor would definitely help you out.

So, should you get a curved monitor? Let’s discuss the advantages, disadvantages and how it differs from a flat monitor.

The advantages of using a curved monitor for gaming 

If you are looking for an aesthetic choice, then a curved monitor would be the best bet. Along with the changes in designs, you also get to witness a change in curvature which helps to adapt to the natural viewing angle. A curved monitor also minimizes eye strain and has a more comfortable gaming experience.

The basic science behind high-end gaming performance while using a curve monitor is that it gives an illusion of a wider view. Thus, every game appears to be more thrilling and more realistic. Also, it reduces distortion, and you get a greater depth in images. So, if you are into serious gaming, then you must definitely go for a curved monitor.

The disadvantages of using a curved monitor for gaming 

If you have a tight budget, then a curved monitor can seem to be pricey. Also, your viewing angle can get limited due to the curvature of the design. It can also lead to glare which can eventually affect your gaming experience. Moreover, if you are trying to carry it from one place to another, then due to the shape of the monitor, it provides limited portability. You might face difficulty in packing the laptop in a bag if it has a curved surface and also it is not safe enough. 

How is a curve monitor different from a flat monitor?

Flat monitors are based on older technology, and curved monitors have the latest configurations. A flat monitor would provide less glare and also has multiple viewing angles. Moreover, the price is more affordable, and you can easily carry the monitor from one place to another due to the flat surface. It also reduces the risk of damage, and other than gaming, you can also complete your work using the flat monitor. 

On the other hand, a curved monitor is able to provide your high end gaming experience that a flat monitor fails to provide. Also, curved monitors can provide you with gameplay which a flat monitor lacks. Moreover, a flat monitor has a limited field of view when compared with the curved one. So, if you are looking for marginal benefits or casual gaming, then a flat monitor should be your choice.

Do Pro-Gamers use Curved monitors?

Yes, Pro gamers usually rely on curved monitors for FPS games. However, for moderate online games a flat screen is selected.

How big would a curved monitor be better for gaming?

You can go for a 27-inch curved monitor for gaming purposes. However, if you want, you can also choose a 32-inch monitor to adjust to your gaming requirements. This provides a 16:9 aspect ratio and more screen real estate.

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