Acer Laptop WiFi Keeps Disconnecting [FIXED 2023]

Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting because the Wifi settings might be misconfigured or there might be any technical problems with the power management option. Also, if there is no connection or the Wi-Fi signal drops abruptly, then this problem can occur.

To fix the problem – you need to reset your network in Windows Setting. To do that, you need to hold down the Windows and the I key on your keyboard. Now, click on Network and Internet> Network Reset > Reset.

Now, you might have to follow certain on-screen prompts to confirm the reset process. Finally, wait till the process gets complete, and when the computer restarts, check whether the Wi-Fi is dropping.

Let’s walk you through the tips that you can follow to fix this Acer laptop WiFi keeps disconnecting problem.

1. Turn off power saver mode 

If your laptop has its Power Saver mode on, then it has a huge negative impact on network connectivity. So, you need to switch it off, and for that, go to Start, open the Control Panel, and then tap on the option Classic View.

You will get the option System; click on it. Next, choose Hardware > Device Manager > Network Adapters. You will see “-” and “+” signs. Press the “+” sign, and it will lead you to the WiFi option. Click on the Advanced tab and navigate to Power Save mode.

Right beside the Power Save mode option, you will find the toggle button, which you have to turn off. Finally, press OK to save the changes. Now, restart your laptop and check whether it is still disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

2. Reinstall Wi-Fi drivers

If, even after resetting, the network Wi-Fi is still dropping, then you need to reinstall the Wi-Fi drivers. This would streamline the internet connectivity and would also eliminate all the glitches associated with it.

To proceed – Go to Device Manager and locate the Network Device related to the wireless connection. Look if you can notice a yellow mark near the icon. This means that there is a problem with the drive, and you need to update it. Now, go to Network Adapters and extend the name. 

Make sure you select the correct network device and right-click on it. Next, choose Update Driver software and see whether you are able to search for a suitable update. You can either choose to automatically update the network driver or browse and install the latest driver files. The choice completely depends on your preference. So, select any of them and update the network driver. Finally, double-check whether the Acer laptop WiFi keeps disconnecting.

3. Enable automatic Startup for WLAN AutoConfig service

If your Acer laptop has a default setting for the startup, that is WLAN AutoConfig service, which is usually set to manual, then it can lead to Wi-Fi disconnecting. The only solution is to change the settings and mark it as “Automatic”.

To proceed – You need to open the Run dialogue box and type “services.msc”. Now, click on the OK button to open the new window of the service list. Try to locate the service of WLAN AutoConfig and double-click on it.

If you see that the startup type is Manual, then you need to change it to Automatic. Finally, click on Apply and tap on the OK button to save the changes. To make the changes effective, you can restart the device. When the laptop restarts, check whether you can view the Wi-Fi icon which marks that the laptop has established a smooth connection.

4. Use the WiFi Sense feature

If you see that the Acer laptop keeps on disconnecting, then use the special Wi-Fi sense feature. Often due to interference from open hotspots or shared networks, the wireless network keeps disappearing or disconnecting. This is where this troubleshooting method becomes quite reliable. 

To proceed – you need to go to the Start menu on Windows 10 and click on the option Settings. Now, go to the Network and Internet option, click on it, and look for the Wi-Fi icon. Click on the Wi-Fi icon to get to the Display Settings Information tab.

Now, navigate to Manage Wi-Fi Settings and scroll down to click on Wi-Fi Sense. Right below Wi-Fi Sense, you will find many toggles switches, try to disable all the options and also turn off “Connect to Suggested Open Hotspot” and also turn off “Connect to Networks Shared by my Friends”. Finally, click on Apply and save the settings in Wi-Fi Sense.

5. Modify Power Management Settings for Wi-Fi

Modifying the Power Management Setting of the Acer laptop can solve this problem. So, look for the Wi-Fi icon, usually at the bottom of the screen. Right-click on it to open the tab. Open Network and Sharing Centre. 

Navigate and find “Change adapter settings”, which would be present right below the Control Panel. Now, click on it and look for active networks on the Acer laptop in the network connections. You will find the Wi-Fi adapter option. Right-click on it to open the Properties list. There, click on the Configure button under the Networking, and choose the option Power Management.

Right beside the option “Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power”, check the box. Finally, click on OK and try to connect to the Wi-Fi network to check the connection.

How to improve the Acer laptop’s Wi-Fi speed?

If you want to improve the Wi-Fi speed of your Acer laptop, then you need to place the router in a better location, i.e., the devices should be within the WiFi range. You can also try to switch your Wi-Fi brand, exchange your Wi-Fi network, and remove unnecessary connections that try to congest the network. Also, try to change the Wi-Fi frequency channel to a stable network, upgrade the internet and also adjust the network’s antenna. Finally, there must be no blockage or objects placed between the router and the Acer laptop.

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